Favorite Reads

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These books are all rated 5 stars, meaning they were pretty much perfect reads for me. They’re the books I love to read again and again and they’re also the ones I’m constantly recommending. I hope you find a new favorite and feel free to leave a comment if  you want a more specific recommendation.


Contemporary Romance

Scarlett Cole-Strongest Steele Scarlett Cole-Purest Hook Alexis Daria-Take the Lead Cheryl Etchison-Once and for All Catherine Gayle-Breakaway Julie James-Something About You Julie James-A Lot Like Love Julie James-About That Night Laura Kaye-Hearts in Darkness Laura Kaye-Ride Hard Roni Loren-The Ones Who Got Away Roni Loren-The One You Fight For Roan Parrish-Small Change Shannon Stacey-Hot Response Tara Wyatt-Stripped Cathy Yardley-Game of Hearts

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Fantasy Romance

Amanda Bouchet-A Promise of Fire Kylie Griffin-Vengeance Born Kylie Griffin-Allegiance Sworn Elizabeth Vaughan-Warprize

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LGBTQ+ Romance

Annabeth Albert-Beta Test Annabeth Albert-Connection Error Annabeth Albert-Off Base Annabeth Albert-Wheels Up Annabeth Albert-Squared Away Annabeth Albert-Baked Fresh Annabeth Albert-Delivered Fast Quinn Anderson-Fourteen Summers Quinn Anderson-New Heights Michelle Frost-Take Down Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn-Off the Ice Alison Hendricks-False Start Laura Kaye-Hard to Be Good Roan Parrish-In the Middle of Somewhere Rachel Reid-Game Changer Katee Robert-Forever Theirs Piper Vaughn-Wanting

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Paranormal Romance

Alexis Morgan-Dark Protector Alexis Morgan-In Darkness Reborn Nalini Singh-Slave to Sensation Nalini Singh-Caressed by Ice Nalini Singh-Hostage to Pleasure Nalini Singh-Play of Passion Nalini Singh-Kiss of Snow

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Science Fiction Romance

Anna Hackett-Marcus Anna Hackett-Hemi Anna Hackett-Ash Jessie Mihalik-Polaris Rising RA Steffan-Antidote

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Suspense Romance

Lauren Bach-Pure Dynamite Kaylea Cross-Lethal Pursuit Laura Kaye-Hard As It Gets Laura Kaye-Hard As You Can Laura Kaye-Hard to Hold On To Laura Kaye-Hard to Come By Laura Kaye-Hard to Let Go Katie Reus-No One to Trust

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Young Adult

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes-Hawksong Jenn Bennett-Anatomical Shape of a Heart Wendy Brant-Zenn Diagram

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By Year

2018 Favorite Books of the Year

2017 Favorite Books of the Year

2016 Favorite Books of the Year




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