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About Alex!
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I’m an avid romance reader, book nerd, and HEA junkie. Since I was a child I’ve loved books, but when I read my first romance book I found my true passion. I was a freshman in high school and had recently discovered my love of fantasy and vampire themed books (at this time it was only teen books). Then my neighbor, knowing how much I loved to read, brought over 2 large paper bags of books.

I dug through the mix of paperbacks and found one — a Maggie Shayne book from her Wings in the Night series. I had no idea it was a romance, I only knew it was about vampires and I loved vampires! Needless to say I was surprised by some of the content (freshman remember) but I was immediately hooked on the characters, the love story, the drama, and most of all the happy ending that made everything the characters go through worth it.

As an adult I accomplished my teenage dream of working in a bookstore and now a public library. It certainly helps feed my book obsession when they’re so easy to get my hands on. I’m happily married to the guy I met in college and he reminds me everyday what true love is.

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About Happily Ever After Book Nerd Blog

I love talking about books and was already writing book reviews on Goodreads, so I figured why not have a blog? Though focused primarily on my love of the romance genre, my blog occasionally includes content about other genres or topics of interest.

I read and review primarily Romance and LGBTQ Romance, but also some Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery. All reviews include content notes regarding any sensitive topics readers may want to know about as well as themes and tropes included in the book.

You can view my full list of reviews under All Review > By Authors or explore different topics under All Reviews > By Genre & Theme. Want a recommendation? Check out some of my favorite books and authors on my Recommendations page.


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