About Me

About Alex!

It's Me!I’m an avid romance reader, book nerd, and happily ever after (HEA) junkie. Since I was a child I’ve loved books, something I can thank my mom for starting and supporting, but when I read my first romance book I found my true passion. I was a freshman in high school and had recently discovered my love of fantasy and vampire themed books and I was quickly swept up in the PNR fervor of the post-Twilight days. I was immediately hooked on the characters, the love stories, the push and pull of tension, and most of all, the guaranteed happily ever after. My love of reading and romance quickly grew and now a day doesn’t go by without at least a few minutes of reading.

Helping fuel the book obsession is my day job at the public library. Libraries have been a huge part of my life and I couldn’t be more thankful to work in a place that brings books, technology, and information to anyone who needs it. Being surrounded by books certainly makes the day better as well.

When I’m not reading I like to watch movies and binge TV shows, but let’s be honest, if I have free time I’m usually reading. I’m happily married to the guy I met in college and he reminds me everyday what true love is. He’s my perfect romance hero.

About the Blog

I began the Happily Ever After Book Nerd blog in September 2017 as a place to write about and discuss my favorite thing — books! Featuring primarily book reviews but also other bookish fun, Happily Ever After Book Nerd is a labor of my heart and my long time passion for the romance genre. It’s also an attempt to save my poor husband from listening to me talk about romance books non-stop. I read and review primarily Romance, LGBTQ+ included, but also a small amount of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, and Young Adult.

My reviews are my honest opinion even when they may not be the popular opinion. All reviews are ranked on a 5 star scale with the addition of a DNF or Did Not Finish. I do accept and receive some Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) from authors, publishers, and marketing groups in exchange for honest reviews. I do not make any money off my reviews or my blog. Reviews are posted here, on Goodreads, Twitter, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Facebook.

My Rating Scale
5 Stars – Just Perfect
4 Stars – Really Enjoyed
3 Stars – Good
2 Stars – It’s Ok
1 Star – Not For Me
DNF – Did Not Finish

Want to request a review? Please use the Contact Me page to request a review.

Other Information

Book reviews, posts, & opinions, are copyright of Happily Ever After Book Nerd.

Book cover images are pulled from Goodreads and all other images are either my own, from open source platforms, or used with the permission of the owner.

For more information on my Privacy Policy, please see my Disclosures and Privacy Policy page.


Alex, eternally reading


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