Reading Burnout

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So for this post I wanted to talk about a very real thing for many readers: reading burnout. I read through a lot of books in a month’s time, partly because I can maintain my focus for long periods and I dedicate myself to reading each night (not having kids also helps).

I’ve had many book friends feel like I have some kind of superpower to keep reading book after book so they’re often surprised to learn that I have reading struggles just like everyone else. Reading burnout or reading slumps are very much a thing I deal with, like many other readers out there.

There are a lot of factors that can cause reading burnout, from too many books with a similar theme or writing style, to reading too many low rated books in a row, to a reader not having the mental bandwidth to get a through a book sometimes. I tend to find that I most commonly encounter reading burnout after reading the same author, subgenre, or theme for too may books in a row. While some readers can get all 10 books in a series and read them back to back, I usually have to read something else in between. I like the variety and it keeps the author’s writing style fresh for me. If I read a romantic suspense book, I’ll usually follow it up with a contemporary romance or maybe alternate between two different series that are nothing alike. Of course, this also contributes to my other problem, which is having a million series that I’ve started but haven’t finished, eek!

I also start to feel reading burnout when I read several books in a row that I end up rating as 2 stars or less. I start to think the next book I read will also be bad and then I start to agonize over what to read next because I don’t want to read something I don’t like for the fourth time in a row. When this type of situation comes up, I’ll try to reread a known favorite and that will often help kickstart my reading again because I’ll have a guaranteed amazing read. But sometimes it takes a few books to finally knock me out of my slump.

While I don’t encounter reading burnout very often (my true superpower) when I do it can really throw me off. I’m used to reading books in 2-3 days and multiple books in a week. For me, reading the same book a week later feels weird and stressful because it’s not matching my normal expectations. Hopefully your reading burnout is few and far between.

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How do you overcome reader burnout?

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10 thoughts on “Reading Burnout

  1. Maybe I have never had reading burnout, because I have not qualms about DNFing a book I am not liking. That’s why all my ratings are 3-stars and higher too. I am good with the reading part, but I suffer review burnout (is that a thing), where I just cannot find any words to write all the reviews I have to write.

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  2. This happens to me often. I can completely relate to you about agonizing on what to read next when your past few reads have been 2-3 Stars. I’m currently desperate for my next 5 Stars! Great post, Alex.

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