REVIEW: His Forbidden Desire by Katee Robert

Katee Robert-His Forbidden Desire

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

His Forbidden Desire by Katee Robert
Series: Island of Ys #1
Published: March 25, 2019 by Trinkets and Tales LLC
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Princess Camilla Fitzcharles is willing to risk everything to escape her gilded cage of her life. She’s secured an invitation to participate in the Wild Hunt, a deadly game hosted once every five years. This year’s prize is the one thing that can set her free. Cami just has to survive long enough to win it.

Luca has spent the last fifteen years waiting for vengeance. Now the plans are in motion, and there’s no going back. He couldn’t have anticipated Cami, though. She’s an innocent, a reminder of the life that was stolen from him. Something to be protected, not leveraged in this dangerous game.

This year the Wild Hunt has changed. For the first time since its inception, an outsider is named as the White Stag, the prey the rest of them hunt—Cami. She’s on the run and in danger, and Luca will do anything to keep her safe.

The person she needs the most protection from?


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My Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect from His Forbidden Desire but I loved what I got! It’s dark, gritty, emotional, and so, so sexy. The Island is essentially a fantasy land for those who are filthy rich and have questionable morals. But there’s a lot deeper things at work and the Four Horsemen have a plan to finally take down those who hurt them many years ago. This book is heavy and dark and addresses some really horrible issues. I felt so much for Luca and what he suffered as a child, it’s truly tragic and still affects his whole life.

Luca was dark and mysterious and used to getting his way. He sees Callie as an innocent woman and she brings out a protective side of Luca he’s not used to. His brother and sisters, the other Horseman, are the only people Luca trusts and cares about but suddenly he cares about Callie. But even with all of that he’s not sure he can trust her. I loved watching Luca and Callie go head-to-head. Callie is nothing like what Luca expects and she challenges all the walls he’s put up.

I really enjoyed Callie’s fire and her desire to be the person she wants to be instead of what’s expected of her. I wish we could have learned more about Callie’s training and why she felt the need to be trained in survival and combat skills in the first place. But I did love seeing her compete in the Hunt and fight for what she wants. Underneath all of the determination, is a deep well of compassion and Callie really is such a sweet woman — with a spine of steel of course!

I’m very intrigued and curious to see where this series will go.

**Reader Safety: Hero was kidnapped as a child and was abused and forced to participate in a fight ring (referenced off page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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Katee Robert-His Forbidden Desire


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