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Dilemmas Of A Book Nerd Tag
I saw this tag on Chelle’s Book Ramblings and I always like to see how other book nerds live their life. As much as I love talking about books themselves, I also really enjoyed talking about the reading experience.

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Dilemma #1: Book Storage – How do you store and organize your books?

95% of my books are ebooks so storage is easy — they’re just on my Kindle. I use the really awesome Kindle feature of Read and Unread books and that makes it super easy for me to see what I still need to read. I do have some print books that are on my TBR and I keep those on my bookshelf.


Dilemma #2: Tracking – How do you keep track of what you have read and what books you own?

I used to track my books through a spreadsheet but then I discovered Goodreads and I never looked back. I am obsessive about tracking the books I’ve read and I organize them onto what’s probably too many shelves. I also track my rereads so I know how many times I’ve read a book because I love to reread favorites. I don’t actually track the books I own because I regularly get rid of books that I’ve read and don’t plan to read again. I am not a book hoarder.


Dilemma #3: Borrow – Do you lend your books out?

With Kindle books, lending is a lot more limited, however, when I used to only read print books I rarely loaned them. I had one friend who I knew would treat my books right and always return them so she got to raid my bookshelves anytime she came over.


Dilemma #4: Buying – How do you buy or acquire your books?

The majority of my books are purchased as ebooks from Amazon. I give myself a monthly budget in my Amazon account and that keeps me under control…for the most part. I also get a lot of books from my local public library because I’m not made of money but I do read a ton of books.


Dilemma #5: Comments – How do you respond to the “How do you read so much” comment or similar comments?

I often just joke that I’m a fast reader and that not having kids really leaves you a lot of free time. Really, my secret is just that I can focus in on a book and read for hours without getting distracted. I also actively make time for my reading each night.


Dilemma #6: Next Book – How do you pick your next read?

I read a lot of series so my next read is often the next in a series. Since I read multiple series, I’ll usually switch between them because I like the variety. I also try to stay on top of new releases by my favorites authors so that often gives me plenty to choose from for my next read.


Dilemma #7: Travel – How do you pick what book(s) you bring on vacation with you?

This is the true genius of ebooks because I don’t have to choose! I just bring my Kindle along and I have my whole book collection with me.


Dilemma #8: Annotate – Do you write or highlight or mark up your books in any way?

I don’t write in my print books and I’ll rarely highlight on my Kindle. I have a really good memory for what I read and I get so sucked into the story that I don’t want to stop to take notes.


Dilemma #9: New or Backlist – Which do you prefer, new releases or backlist books?

I love both! I like discovering new authors and of course, I get sucked into the hype around popular new releases. I also love diving deep into an author’s backlist and getting that sense of accomplishment when I can say I’ve read every book by a particular author.


Dilemma #10: Sequels – Do you read books as they are released or wait for an entire series to be published before reading 1 book?

I would love to wait for a whole series to be available but I just can’t control myself. I typically read as the books come out. This is where I’m glad my memory is so good because sometimes the wait kills me between series books.

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