REVIEW: Trial Run by Alison Hendricks

Alison Hendricks-Trial Run

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Trial Run by Alison Hendricks
DADcademy #3
Published: May 23, 2019 by Alison Hendricks
LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

“You hurt me more than anyone ever has. But for some reason I still love you.”

Jeremy Hess made a promise to his sister, vowing to take care of her infant daughter if anything happened to her. When the worst comes to pass, he steps up as Cooper’s godfather despite how unsure he feels as a single dad. But Jeremy isn’t the only one who has claims on her, and when another family member challenges him for guardianship, he’s forced to seek legal counsel from the person who hurt him most–his former best friend and the first man he ever loved.

Logan Ellis has always had a plan to work his way up to partner at a prestigious law firm, then use that clout to be a legal all-star for the local LGBT community. Working a pro-bono case for his childhood friend may not be part of that plan, but he’d do anything for Jeremy. He owes him that much after ruining their friendship so many years ago.

When old feelings resurface, all attempts to keep things professional between them fall by the wayside. Jeremy thought he was over the betrayal, but as he and Logan become closer than he ever dared to dream, it’ll take more than an apology to rebuild the burnt bridges between them. It’ll take trust, love, and forgiveness on both sides to turn this trial run into something permanent.

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My Review

While I’ve really enjoyed the concept of the DADcademy series Trial Run was not as strong as the prior books in a series. I still love the characters Jeremy and Logan and they have a very emotional relationship as their history is filled with a lot of pain from the end of their friendship. Logan was the golden boy destined to become a successful lawyer, with a well-to-do family who would rather he not hang out with Jeremy, the troublemaker. Jeremy spent a lot of his childhood feeling worthless and unappreciated and a lot of that carried into his adulthood and colored how he sees himself as a potential caretaker for Cooper. I loved how much Logan was always trying to build up Jeremy’s confidence and remind him how strong of a person he was. While both Jeremy and Logan had crushes on each other as teenagers neither one of them ever revealed their feelings before the end of their friendship. There was a lot of history in Logan and Jermey’s relationship and it takes a little while for Jeremy especially to feel like you can trust Logan again.

The reason I didn’t rate this higher centers around the writing not being as strong and some issues with story development. For instance we know that Jeremy has a job that doesn’t pay very much but we’re never actually told what it is he does. We also see how much Jeremy loved his sister and how devastated he is by her death but we know almost nothing about her or her wife. My biggest issue comes from a plot inconsistency that normally wouldn’t bother me but considering it was at the heart of the custody case Jeremy was going through it became a bigger issue. We’re told that Cooper was conceived through IVF and Jeremy worries about not being related by blood to Cooper whereas his in-laws are. However, several times throughout the book people tell Jeremey how much Cooper looks just like Brooke which would indicate that the child is related to his sister and therefore would be related to Jeremy.

While Trial Run was not as strong for me I did still enjoy seeing some of the prior couples as well as finally getting Logan’s story. I do look forward to more in this series because I love the concept of single dads reaching out and trying to help each other.

**Reader Safety: Hero is grieving the death of his sister (on page); Homophobic relatives (on page)

3 stars – it was good

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