MOVIE REVIEW: The Perfect Date

Movie-The Perfect Date

My Review

The Perfect Date was a cute teen rom-com and I really enjoyed it. Brooks Rattigan, played by Noah Centineo, is determined to get to Yale but paying for it is another story. With the help of a friend, Brooks creates an app where women can request a stand-in boyfriend or date and he’ll be any kind of guy they want. This was a great set up for the movie and Centineo’s adorable and slightly goofy way allowed him to play the part perfectly.

Brooks had such an endearing personality even when he was being a bit dense about what was right in front of him. I wasn’t sure how much I would like Brooks at first but I came to really enjoy his character. In addition to getting into Yale, Brooks wants to catch the attention of popular and rich Shelby Pace who goes to another school and this drives a lot of his actions. I really appreciated that Shelby wasn’t a stereotypical popular, mean girl like so many other teen movies feature.

I also really liked Celia Lieberman, played by Laura Marano, who helps inspire Brook’s stand-in idea and becomes a friend, and more, for him throughout the movie. Celia is outspoken, smart, and knows what she wants. She’s the exact kind of girl I would have been friends with in high school and I really related to her struggle to be understood by her family and school mates.

The Perfect Date is definitely one of the better teen movies I’ve seen recently and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves a good romantic comedy.

Released April 2019

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