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Michelle Frost-Take Down

5 Stars Rating


Book Details

Take Down by Michelle Frost
Open Wounds #2
Published: August 29, 2018 by Michelle Frost
Genre: LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

Two men.

Harbor “the Viking” Rourke is known for being a badass inside and outside the cage. His life revolves around working to win the MMA Middleweight championship title, riding his Harley, and making his family proud. He doesn’t have time for relationships until one anonymous hook-up has him questioning his choices and making the list of things he cares about a whole lot longer.

One shot at a championship title.

Life hasn’t been easy on Theo Smith. He’s used to standing on his own two feet and jumping without a safety net. The crowning achievement of his self-built fitness and MMA empire would be wrapping the MMA Middleweight title belt around his waist. When a shot at the championship falls in his lap, he’s thrilled, but shocked to find that for the first time there might be something in his life more important than getting ahead.

For either man to claim the title, they’ll have to take down the one that’s already won their heart.

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My Review

I absolutely loved Take Down and just devoured it in one sitting. I was pulled right into the story and Harbor and Theo’s chemistry and relationship had me so engaged. I adored all the sweet and intimate moments these guys had as they began dating and I liked that their relationship built up from their impulsive one night stand. While the story is very much focused in the moment, I still felt like I really understood both men and where they came from. And just like the previous book, Carry and Drag, I love the Rourke family (blood and found) and how they support each other.

“I’m passing guard and getting into a better position, and I’m hoping you want me here, because I’m in. You understand me? In your life, in your bed, and especially in your corner. Always.”

The characters really made Take Down for me and I was so connected with both Harbor and Theo. While they have a shared passion for Mixed Martial Arts, these guys have very different personalities. Harbor has always known he’s bisexual but he’s never really had a real relationship with a man; but with Theo he realizes what he’s been missing by only have hookups with women. Harbor is highly focused, dedicated, and a bit gruff. He’s not interested in social media or internet fame but he somehow finds himself following Theo on Instagram. I loved these parts of the story as Theo teases Harbor through pictures and Harbor learns to come out of his self-imposed ways.

Theo was boisterous, outgoing, and hardworking as he’s built this MMA and fitness career from the ground up. A hard past has made Theo a bit of a wandering soul and he’s never really laid down roots; he has his secrets and he struggles to open up with Harbor. As Theo and Harbor’s relationship got more and more serious, I was biting my nails waiting for the inevitable breakup, but it never came! I loved how these guys talked and were open and worked things out like mature adults.

We even got some set up for the next Rourke brothers’ books and I’m so so intrigued!

5 stars – loved it!

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