REVIEW: Half Moon Above by Michelle Frost & Sammi Cee

Michelle Frost-Half Moon Above

2 Stars Rating


Book Details

Half Moon Above by Michelle Frost & Sammi Cee
Series: Slate Mountain Wolf Pack #2
Published: April 13, 2019 by Michelle Frost & Sammi Cee
Genre: LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance

Jace Crenshaw

As Vice-President of the Slate Mountain Wolf Pack, I was second-in-command of our pack of wolves. Only those outside our club thought I was a constant jokester who rode on my Harley all day. Nothing was more important to me than the honor of guarding our town. When Ethan, our club president, requested I work with Sheriff Fulton, I ran a little test first. I didn’t trust the sheriff who’d been harassing us for years, and he needed to prove himself. Until one night his scent changed, followed quickly by my opinion of him and my own life. Now nothing was more important than figuring out who had our town, including my sheriff, under siege.

Liam Fulton

As Slate Mountain’s Sheriff, nothing was more important to me than the people of this town. Following the mayor’s orders, I kept a special eye on the criminal biker gang, the Slate Mountain Wolf Pack. When their VP, Jace, approached me, I was suspicious until I began seeing with my own two eyes that things in Slate Mountain weren’t as they appeared. On a fact-finding mission to save our LGBT+ youth, my view was forever altered. If the awe-inspiring truth Jace ended up sharing wasn’t enough, is it possible that magick truly exists here in our small town? And if so, why has someone set out to make sure I never discover it?

Welcome to Slate Mountain where magic and motorcycles roam the streets, love flows as pure as mountain spring water, and the wolves are always guarding the door.

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My Review

Jace was goofy and endearing and cares deeply about his town, while Liam is bristly and stoic at first because he’s used to hiding who he really is inside. When these two first meet they set off sparks but not the good kind because they definitely don’t get along. I wish the tension between them had lasted longer because once Jace realizes Liam is his mate, these two turn to mush and it’s like they never had a problem to begin with. This is my biggest reason for struggling with the book because I felt like Jace and Liam lost their individual personalities as time went by. Half Moon Above was an easy read but felt too similar to the first in the series to really stand out for me.

I still enjoyed the writing and I’m intrigued by the mystery that still hasn’t been solved so I plan to read more. With shifters, magic, and mayhem, there’s an awful lot going on in the small town of Slate Mountain. And I’m dying to know more about Jeremy and the shelter he runs, so hopefully that’s the next book!

2 stars – it was ok

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