REVIEW: Shifting Shadows by Michelle Frost

Michelle Frost-Shifting Shadows

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Shifting Shadows by Michelle Frost
Series: Metal and Magic #1
Published: October 31, 2018 by Michelle Frost
Genre: LGBTQ+ Paranormal Romance

Something is moving in the shadows of Hanover Hills.

Being the lead enforcer of a werewolf pack isn’t the easiest job in the world, but Deckard Warren doesn’t trust anyone else to do it. Most days he doesn’t trust anyone, period. He leads his unit of Ironheld Wolves–defending their territory and protecting their alpha–with vigilance and a wrath as unforgiving as he is. When a man who doesn’t know his own name is chased into wolf territory by a rival pack, Deckard discovers something he thought didn’t exist for him and that he knows he doesn’t deserve.

Colt is running, but from what? And to where? He doesn’t remember anything before the moment he crossed the border into Ironheld Wolf territory with only the clothes on his back. After he leaps straight into the arms of the gruffest, most intimidating man he thinks he’s ever met, the werewolf seems hell bent on helping Colt get his memories back if only so he can send him on his way. With no other options, Colt takes Deckard up on his offer of refuge and sets out to figure out what happened to him even as proximity to the werewolf threatens to have him losing more than the recollection of his past.

But when the shadows shift and enemies are brought to light, will Deckard and Colt find a way to stand together or watch as everything around them drowns in darkness?

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My Review

Ironheld Wolf Pack enforcer Deckard Warren has no business interfering with another pack’s business but when he sees the Bramble Coyotes chasing a young man across their boundary line he can’t help but intervene. Because this man isn’t just any human, he’s Deck’s mate. “Colt” has no idea who he is or how he ended up in shifter territory but when he’s with Deck he feels safe. But not every wolf in the pack is happy with the current status quo and they’re willing to kill to make things change.

I read Shifting Shadows on impulse because I loved the cover and I could not be happier with that decision. Michelle Frost as created a really interesting world where shifters and other magical creatures are out to the human world but tension is high and the two groups often live separately. I quickly fell for Deck’s character and I loved seeing some of the other enforcers for the pack. Deck is a natural leader but he has no desire to be Alpha even though he’s next in line after his Alpha sister’s death. Instead the pack is ruled by the Alpha’s widow, a human, and boy does that cause controversy. I found the pack dynamics really interesting even though they’re only briefly explored.

Deck immediately recognizes the terrified man as his mate but he’s stunned to find that the human has no memory of who he is. Protective instincts quickly kick in and Deck’s gentle care of Colt, as he gets named, was really sweet. I loved Deck’s big marshmallow heart hidden under his muscular and gruff exterior. With complete memory loss, it takes a bit longer to get a read on Colt but it’s obvious that he’s running from something bad. Every time he tries to remember something he gets hit with panic attacks and his back is covered in scars. While Colt’s trust in Deck is pretty immediate I still enjoyed watching him come to fully trust Deck and explore a world he has no memory of.

While the ending of Shifting Shadows has resolution for Deck and Colt there’s still a greater story and a bigger enemy to defeat. I can’t wait to read more in the series and find out what happens!

**Reader Safety: Hero was abused and whipped (referenced, off page)

3 stars – it was good

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Michelle Frost-Shifting Shadows

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