MOVIE REVIEW: Beyond the Lights

Movie-Beyond the Lights

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Noni is at the peak of success in her music career, already winning awards and she hasn’t even dropped her debut album yet. But the price of fame is high and it takes a connection with Kaz, a police officer, to help Noni realize how unhappy she is.

I was craving another beautiful and romantic movie and my girl had just the right recommendation. I really enjoyed Beyond the Lights and it was the passionate and emotional love story I was looking for. I adored watching these two fall in love and learn how they can have a life together when they come from such different world

I felt so much for Noni, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, as she struggles to make her mother proud and be the successful singer she’s always wanted to be. But the fight to always be the best also means Noni’s compromised on herself and she’s at the point where she’s ready to just give up on life. Mbatha-Raw can express so much emotion through her face and eyes and she really brings Noni’s pain to the surface. While it takes a while for Noni to get full control of her life, you can see the small steps she begins to take and I was rooting for her through all of them.

When Noni needs it most, the sweet and quiet Kaz appears and he actually sees the real Noni under all the fame and bright lights. He wasn’t looking for her kind of complication in his life but he also can’t stay away. Nate Parker does a great job of playing Kaz as the humble and gentle man that he is. He’s that steady presence that Noni needed in her life and he’s always there to help her in the way she needs instead of taking over. I loved that Kaz always takes his cue from Noni and he never steps in where it’s not wanted.

While the story isn’t anything new, the performances of the leads and the deep and beautiful love story they tell makes Beyond the Lights a really enjoyable movie.

Released November 2014

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