REVIEW: No Turning Back by Kaylea Cross

Kaylea Cross-No Turning Back

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

No Turning Back by Kaylea Cross
Suspense series #3
Published: January 16, 2014 by Kaylea Cross (reprint)
Genre: Suspense Romance

CIA communications expert Samarra Wallace is on the run from a faceless enemy when she learns terrorists have kidnapped and threatened to execute her cousin. She will do whatever it takes to free her, including breaking cover to contact the former teammate she is dangerously attracted to. Now all she has to do is convince him she’s not working for the bad guys.

Former Army Ranger Ben Sinclair isn’t sure he can trust Sam, but he can’t turn her away. Lives are at stake and she may be the only way to capture the terrorist mastermind his team is hunting. Despite his reservations, he finds himself falling for her. But when Sam’s innocence is questioned again during a botched operation in the remote mountains of Afghanistan, the team pays a terrible price for trusting her. In the wake of that staggering betrayal Ben must decide if she’s the innocent woman he fell in love with, or if she’s a traitor who’d set them up to die.

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My Review

No Turning Back was a great suspense read and I actually liked the action and adventure more than the romance itself. The team’s mission to find and stop Tehrazzi has really ramped up and with half the team injured, things are getting dangerous. I loved how high the emotion was in No Turning Back as Sam works to prove her innocence. I felt her pain and her anxiety so strongly and I wanted everyone to see that she was on their side. I know that Ben’s doubts were a part of the story line but I also wish he had fully trusted Sam sooner. His doubt really breaks her heart and the ending was so poignant as the book’s events come to a head.

I liked both Ben and Sam as characters but I did feel like Sam’s feelings for Ben came about really fast. They’ve known each other from the previous books but we didn’t really get to see those interactions so it took a bit for me to understand the growing feelings, especially considering Ben’s doubts. However, Ben is very much a protector and that comes through clearly in the way he cares for Sam and desperately wants to believe in her. As a communications expert for the CIA, Sam is used to dealing with agents and terrorists but usually it’s from behind a computer. This mission puts her directly in the action and she’s not really trained for that. I’d love to see a book where the heroine has more experience and isn’t just dragged along on a mission she’s really not qualified to be on.

We also get a lot of scenes with Luke who is trying to recover from a concussion and some minor memory loss. The decisions he’s forced to make during the mission don’t always paint Luke in the best light but I’m very curious for his story. Each book in this series has followed one right after the other and the ending of No Turning Back was a doozy.

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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