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Maddy has spent her entire life inside her house, forced to live apart from the world after being diagnosed with a rare disease that has destroyed her immune system. When a new family moves in next door, Maddy begins texting with their teenage son and she soon finds herself wishing for a life outside her house.

I really enjoyed Everything, Everything and while it was your classic teenage first love movie it was also really sweet and engaging. If you’re worried about a sad ending where our heroine dies I’ll be upfront and say this has a happy ending — I wouldn’t be reviewing it on my blog if it didn’t. I was absolutely captivated by Amandla Stenberg who plays Maddy; she was so interesting to watch and she does a great job of portraying the combination of excitement and vulnerability that Maddy experiences. While a lot of Maddy’s decisions are influenced by her growing feelings for Olly, she also grows as a young woman finally realizing she hasn’t really been living.

Olly is your quintessential misunderstood bad boy and he and Maddy have their ups and downs. After all, teenage hormones are complicated enough without throwing in a deadly disease that keeps you confined to your house. While I loved Nick Robinson as Olly I felt that the chemistry between Olly and Maddy was a little flat. Overall, this was a really cute teen romance and it had a few surprises up it’s sleeve that made for an entertaining movie.

Released May 2017

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