HEA Flashback: Moon Craving by Lucy Monroe

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I’ve been a reader since I was a child and I’ve been a dedicated romance junkie since freshman year of high school; but I only started writing reviews a few years ago. So, this year I’ll be running a series called HEA Flashback where I talk about romance books I read prior to the blog. I’ll be doing a flashback every first Tuesday of the month, so check back to find out what books still hold a special place in my heart.

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Book Description


If it were up to him, Talorc—laird of the Sinclair clan and leader of his werewolf pack—would never marry. But when the king orders Talorc to wed an Englishwoman, the lone wolf is shocked to find a challenge in his mate, the strong-willed Abigail. And after a passionate wedding night, the two fiercely independent souls sense an unbreakable bond.

Deaf since childhood, Abigail hopes to keep her affliction from Talorc as long as possible. And for his part, Talorc has no intention of telling her that he is a werewolf. But when Abigail learns that the husband she’s begun to love has deceived her, it will take all of his warrior’s strength—and his wolf’s skill—to win her back. Now Talorc and Abigail will face their biggest challenge yet: the vulnerability of being in love.

Published February 2, 2010

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What I Love

I don’t read much historical romance but I do enjoy a good historical fantasy romance that blends the paranormal with a past era. Lucy Monroe’s Children of the Moon series is a fun look at shifter packs secretly living in the Scottish Highlands.

Moon Craving is my favorite book in the whole series and I adored the heroine, Abigail. She’s been deaf since an illness took her hearing as a child and she’s struggled to not let her disability become a weakness. Abigail is the perfect mix of sweet and vulnerable combined with strong and determined.

Talorc doesn’t want a wife but he’s stuck with Abigail and he intends to keep his shifter abilities to himself. Of course, that’s hard to do with an intelligent and inquisitive wife. I loved watching Talorc and Abigail circle each other as they tried to figure out how to make their arranged marriage work.

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Do you like Historical Fantasy?

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