REVIEW: Out of Her League by Kaylea Cross

Kaylea Cross-Out of Her League

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Out of Her League by Kaylea Cross
Series: Suspense series #1
Published: January 15, 2014 by Kaylea Cross (reprint)
Genre: Suspense Romance

Christa Bailey is one cut away from making the Olympic softball team when threats from an obsessed fan jeopardize her dream and her safety. Forced to put her life on hold until the risk is eliminated, she reluctantly turns to ERT officer Rayne Hutchinson for help, praying the police catch her stalker before she is cut from the team or does something stupid… like fall in love with her unattainable protector. But Christa’s stalker is something far more sinister than either of them could have imagined. With her life at stake, can Rayne keep Christa safe from this patient predator?

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My Review

I really enjoyed Out of Her League and it ended up being different then I was expecting but so much better for it. Kaylea Cross really knows how to write suspenseful books with truly creepy bad guys but she also knows how to counter that suspense with a beautiful romance. I just wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen next and I was so invested in Christa’s healing and journey to happiness. There were parts of Out of Her League that were so hard to read as Christa begins to heal after her stalker attacks her and I liked the level of gravity that Cross gave those moments. While Christa always feels comfortable and safe with Rayne she’s still not instantly “fixed” because overcoming trauma takes times and truly changes a person.

I so admired Christa’s mental and emotional strength and her ability to still be vulnerable when it all became too much. There’s also a real sweetness to Christa and we see that throughout the book as she takes care of her friends and others. While a past relationship dented Christa’s self-esteem that hasn’t destroyed her belief in true love and finding her own chance at a family one day. She worries that a playboy like Rayne won’t be interested in her but once Rayne begins to show how he feels Christa doesn’t doubt it. Christa’s path through her trauma and PTSD was real and genuine and just written really well.

I found it really interesting that Christa and Rayne’s relationship has barely started before Christa’s attack which means that things really change between them. As much as Rayne wants Christa he knows that he has to go at her pace and give her the space and time to heal. Rayne was such a great hero and watching him fall for Christa was great to read. These two definitely have a slow burn as Christa learns to trust that Rayne is interested in more than a fling and Rayne works to make sure Christa always feels safe with him. The care between these two was so beautiful and every page had me falling right alongside them.

I’m really looking forward to this series because Out of Her League had everything I love in a suspense romance.

**Reader Safety: Heroine is stalked, attacked, and almost raped (on page); Heroine is dealing with PTSD over her attack (on page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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