The Good, The Bad, & The Bookish: Book Conventions

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In 2014 I had the chance attend the RT Book Lovers Convention in New Orleans and I was in heaven! Book conventions are a great way to meet authors, meet other readers, and spend hours surrounded by nothing but books. There are so many different conventions out there from those that are more general to those specific to the romance genre.

Many things go into the choice to attend a book convention particularity if you’re only going to attend one. Finding a convention that’s in a location you like or can get to as well as one with the authors you enjoy is always a challenge. Luckily there’s plenty of options out there. However, not all parts of a book convention are good and they’re often overwhelming for both readers and authors.

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The Good

Meeting favorite authors – Without a doubt the best thing about book conventions is getting to meet your favorite authors in person. I’m so inspired and amazed by writers that create such wonderful stories and getting to meet them and share how much I love their books is always fun.

Free books! – Getting free books and other swag is a time honored part of book conventions and a great way to find new authors. The first time I went to the RT Book Lovers Convention I was blown away by how many free books I got and I was pretty much on cloud nine.

Other readers – While I often find other readers out in the wild, finding romance readers is sometimes harder. I loved being surrounded by other dedicated romance readers and I really enjoyed talking books and favorites with them.


The Bad

All the people – I’m a die-hard introvert and massive crowds are a bit overwhelming for me, especially after a long day. I was so exhausted each night that I left the convention and I definitely needed a people break when it was all over.

So many choices – Depending on the book convention you go to, there could be any number of sessions, panels, or events to choose from. Picking between all the choices can be incredibly hard, especially if you really want to go to things that are scheduled at the same time.

The expense – Attending book conventions can really rack up in price once you factor in the ticket, plane/driving, hotel stay, food, and souvenirs. This is the biggest reason for why I’ve only attended two conventions.

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Have you ever been to a book convention?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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