REVIEW: Hold Tight by Alison Hendricks

Alison Hendricks-Hold Tight

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Hold Tight by Alison Hendricks
DADcademy #2
Published: March 21, 2019 by Alison Hendricks
LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance

After a painful divorce, Josh Ford is left fighting for his son in a high-stakes custody battle. When he contacts the DADcademy for help, he gets much more than he bargained for in the form of his college crush, a deliciously sexy pastry chef who’s always set his heart–and his body–aflame.

Andy Perez is everyone’s knight in shining armor. He took care of his family when they needed him most, and he’s more than willing to do the same for his long-time crush, too. It’s not like anything could ever happen between them. The sweet, sensitive artist was off-limits back then and he’s off-limits now.

After a major setback in the custody case, Andy is right there. Strong. Steady. And… kissing Josh. That one moment of vulnerability reveals a decade of suppressed longing. But when old fears threaten to tear them apart, they’ll have to cast aside their doubts and find strength in each other–and the family they could build together.

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My Review

Hold Tight was a sweet read about two characters that have never quite gotten over their feelings for each other many years before. I particularly liked Josh’s character and I just wanted to wrap him up in a blanket and tell him everything would work out. Josh is a sensitive, artistic soul and his ex-wife’s demands and harsh words have worn down his self-esteem and his confidence as a father. However, it’s obvious how much Josh loves his six year old son Mason and how he would do anything for him even when he makes some mistakes. Throughout the book Josh struggles with his anxiety over possibly losing Mason and it was heartbreaking to watch him work through his insecurities.

While I loved Josh, I was more ambivalent toward Andy. I really liked Andy as a character by himself, he’s driven, hard-working, and dedicated to his bakery. After struggling financially as a teenager and briefly living in a shelter, he’s determined to never feel that vulnerability again. As a person Andy was great, but in his relationship with Josh he doesn’t come across the best. At first, Andy seems to understand Josh’s sensitive nature but then he blunders through several really bad mistakes that tear at Josh’s confidence. Andy essentially criticizes Josh in the same ways that Josh’s ex-wife had been doing for years. While Andy recognizes his mistake and apologizes for it, he continues to repeat the mistake several more times.

While I never really embraced Andy, I did still enjoy Hold Tight and it’s emotional look at a struggling father just trying to get by. I’m really looking forward to getting Logan’s story because I enjoyed seeing more of him as Josh’s lawyer.

**Reader Safety: Hero suffers from anxiety and panic attacks (on page)

3 stars – it was good

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