REVIEW: Sinner by Lana Pecherczyk

Lana Pecherczyk-Sinner

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Sinner by Lana Pecherczyk
Series: Deadly Seven #0.5
Published: February 12, 2019 by Prism Press
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

The selfie generation grew up. And with them, the sin of greed exploded on an astronomical scale. Of course, where one went, the rest were sure to follow. Wrath, sloth, gluttony, pride, envy, lust… all climbed in severity until deadly sin consumed Cardinal City. Violence, murder, and mayhem were only the beginning. To save their city, top scientists created a band of brothers and sisters as deadly as the sins they were destined to fight. But before they were waging a war on crime, they were children born in a lab with no one to look out for them… except a deadly assassin pretending to be a nun and a tortured man running from his past.

Biolum Industries think Sister Mary Margaret is an innocent nun caring for children in their lab, but she has a dark secret: one that could destroy the world, or save it.

Flint Fydler wants the simple things in life, to do his job and to pay off his shameful debt. But no matter how hard he tries to ignore the secret project behind a guarded door at Biolum Industries, and the beautiful and fearless nun who works there, he can’t avoid the inevitable fact he is being lied to.

When Flint’s mission to reveal the truth uncovers more than he bargains for, Mary bribes him to help with her rescue mission. As their quest draws them closer together, Mary has no choice but to reveal her own deadly secret, and Flint must face the undeniable truth: paying his debt may have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with his heart.

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My Review

Mary Margaret has been undercover in Biolum Industries biding her time until she can rescue the children being used as experiments to combat the rise of deadly sins in Cardinal City. When the time comes she never expects to have help from the sexy tech genus, Flynn, who also works at Biolum. I was intrigued by Sinner from the first pages and while we only get a taste of the overall concept it has me ready to jump into the next book.

I enjoyed Flynn right away; he’s loyal, honorable, and willing to sacrifice if it means doing the right thing. Flynn’s interested in Mary from the moment they meet but since he thinks Mary is a nun he’s entertainingly conflicted over his attraction. Flynn’s support was exactly what Mary needed to realize that she deserves love in her life. Mary had a terrible childhood after her parents discovered her psychic abilities and while she’s found a purpose with the Hildegrad Sisterhood’s secret assassin training she’s let that work consume all parts of her life. I particularly loved that our heroine Mary is the badass assassin with some serious skills while Flynn is more the “side kick” along for the ride.

The idea of these children embodying each of the deadly sins and being created to be super soldiers was a really cool idea. Sinner should definitely be read with a mind toward comic books or superheroes because it has that type of feel. I can’t wait to see where Lana Pecherczyk takes this series!

**Reader Safety: Heroine was abused as a child (referenced, off page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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Lana Pecherczyk-Sinner


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