REVIEW: Salvation by Alison Hendricks

Alison Hendricks-Salvation

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

Salvation by Alison Hendricks
Series: Caldwell Investigations #1
Published: April 11, 2018 by Alison Hendricks
Genre: LGBTQ+ Suspense Romance

Losing my heart wasn’t supposed to happen, not when a boy’s life is on the line. And not to someone like him.

I’ve spent the last four months advocating for a missing teen no one else seems to give a damn about, and now that I’ve finally gotten a break in the case, my only hope lies with a surly mountain man I shouldn’t be attracted to.

Warren is everything I don’t need. But those sad, soulful eyes suck me in, and the more time I spend alone with him, the more I start to glimpse the broken man beneath his gruff exterior. Broken… but in just the right shape to fit seamlessly into my heart. As we race to find the missing boy, I can’t help wanting to save them both.

Pushing people away is second nature for me now. After my daughter died and my marriage imploded, I knew happiness just wasn’t in the cards. That was until Avery swept into my life and made me hope for more.

Trusting him means opening myself up to heartache. Loving him could destroy me. But every time he smiles, my gray world explodes with color, and my heart yearns for the chance to call him mine.

I know I’ll have to give him up once we find the boy. Until then… he’s my salvation.

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My Review

Salvation was heavier and more emotional than Alison Hendricks’s other books as well as having a stronger focus on the mystery of Ian Wells. I really liked Avery and his dedication to helping those who need it. Avery knows what it’s like to have no one on your side and he refuses to let that happen to Ian. While he might be overly earnest in his mission, there’s no denying Avery’s compassion.

As a counterpoint, Warren is grumpy and stoic, but he hasn’t always been that way. Tragedy has pushed Warren to a life alone and at first he’s not sure how to handle someone as bright and optimistic as Avery. But as time goes by, Warren begins to realize he’s ready to start living again. The chemistry between Avery and Warren comes out under pressure but as they spend time together you begin to see how good for each other they are, especially in helping Warren heal.

For the most part I enjoyed Salvation but there were a few areas that struggled for me. I also never really got invested in the side characters and in fact, I found Cam to be quite annoying. At this time, I’m not sure I’ll be reading the next book in the series.

**Reader Safety: References to conversion camps and LGBTQ youth living on the streets; Hero grieving the death of his daughter (on page)

3 stars – it was good

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Alison Hendricks-Salvation

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