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Katee Robert-Forever Theirs

5 Stars Rating


Book Details

Forever Theirs by Katee Robert
Series: Thalanian Dynasty #2
Published: September 10, 2018 by Katee Robert
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Meg Sanders enjoyed her wild night with a prince and his bodyguard—but now she’s moving on. She has enough problems without borrowing the kind of trouble Theo brings just by being who he is. But no matter how determined she is to leave that night a fond memory, she hasn’t seen the last of Theo and Galen…

Galen Mikos life boils down to one goal. Keep Theo alive. But as long as Theo draws breath, he’s a threat to the powers that have taken over Thalania—and anyone they associate with runs the risk of becoming a target, too. Galen will never forgive himself if they let their selfish desire for Meg puts her in danger. But it might already be too late…

Theo Fitzcharles might be an exiled prince, but he doesn’t intend to stay that way. He’s only concerned with one thing—clearing his mother’s name and reinstating himself as Crown Prince of Thalania. There’s no room in that plan for distraction, especially when it makes him forget himself the way Meg does. But after spending one perfect night with her and his best friend, Theo has no intention of leaving her alone.

Even if it damns all three of them in the process.

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My Review

I loved Forever Theirs and I honestly couldn’t put it down! I was intrigued by Meg, Theo, and Galen and after reading the first in the series I couldn’t wait to see more of them. Katee Robert had me sucked into the story from the beginning and I loved watching each of them navigate their changing relationship.

The characters really make Forever Theirs and I fell in love with each of them individually and especially as a triad. Meg was strong, outspoken, and independent and while that sometimes meant she pushed Theo and Galen away, she also began to learn how to lean on other people for support. As a Prince, Theo was born to lead and he cares deeply about his country and he refuses to give up after being exiled. Theo is sexy and confident and he’s used to being in control of every situation. While Theo brings charm to the relationship, Galen brings a growly, protective stance that sets of sparks with Meg. Galen has dedicated himself to protecting and supporting Theo, but with Meg he sees that they can be so much more. I really liked how different Galen was from Theo and his alpha attitude toward protecting both Theo and Meg was so sexy.

Though Theo and Galen have a long history as friends and lovers, I adored how they embraced Meg into their relationship and truly wanted to be a triad; they never made Meg feel like she was a third wheel and while a polyamorous relationship is new for Meg she jumps in with both feet. The chemistry between Theo, Galen, and Meg was on fire but more than that, the sweet intimacy that begins to grow between them was also beautiful. I also liked that we saw different combinations in the relationship and Robert really explores how each character connects and falls for the other two.

This was a beautiful, sexy, and incredibly hot read (that “punishment” scene *fans face*) and I loved these characters so much that I went right from Forever Theirs into the next book.

5 stars – loved it!

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