Special Edition: Living with a Book Nerd

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I typically use my Life of a Book Nerd posts to talk about my experiences as an avid reader, but what about the people in a book nerds life? How do they see a book nerd and how do they live day to day with one? For this post I decided to “interview” my husband about what it means to be married to this book nerd.

As a little background, I met my own romance hero over 10 years ago in college and we’ve been together ever since and are now happily married. I was already a huge book nerd when I met Eric so he knew exactly what he was getting into by being with me. While he isn’t much of a traditional reader himself, Eric has always supported my love of books and he’s never blinked at my many trips to the library, my constant buying of books, or the large amount of time I’ve spent reading. When I asked Eric to describe my book nerd personality he said “you’re always reading, organized, you know what you like but aren’t afraid to try something new.” I happen to think that’s a pretty great answer.

But can you really know a book nerd unless you live with them? When you see them reading every day, when you see the growing size of their book collection, when you have to sit through their rambling monologues about how great a book is (or isn’t in some cases). Just like I never realized how much he loved video games until we lived together, Eric had his own epiphany about my book nerd status. He said “the 3rd time you completely reorganized your book list” that he knew I truly was a book nerd. I can’t deny that I love to organize things. In fact, when I asked Eric what the funniest thing I’ve ever done as a book nerd was, he said how I “agonized over seemingly trivial things like book list columns/tags or your book review format.” (He knows me too well!)

I consider myself very lucky that I found a guy who has never said a bad word about romance novels which any romance reader knows is not the case with every guy. From the moment he saw the huge storage box of books under my dorm room bed, Eric has loved that I’m a reader. I think the most important part of living with a book nerd is understanding how important books are to a reader. Just like any other passionate hobby, you have to accept that it’s a big part of your loved ones life. I think both Eric and I have mastered this part of our relationship and it makes us a stronger couple.

Though he’s not a big reader himself, I did ask Eric what his favorite book was and he said it was Wonder by Robert Sawyer from the Wake, Watch, Wonder series (which I figured would be his answer because it’s not the first time I’ve asked). It’s one of the few books I’ve seen him just devour and I loved watching him enjoy something that I love. To make it even better, last year I read the series too and we had the best time talking about the books as I read them.

Of course, it’s not all perfect and Eric says the biggest challenge of living with a book nerd is “convincing [me] to spend time with other people instead of books.” This is why we’re perfect because he makes sure I don’t become a complete hermit who never leaves the house — thanks, honey! So, fellow book nerds out there, my advice is to find yourself someone who loves how much you love books!

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I also thought I’d throw in some trivia questions to see just how well Eric knows my favorite books. And he passed with flying colors because he got every question right!

Q: What is my favorite book?
Eric: Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Q: Can you name 5 of my favorite authors?
Nalini Singh, Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Anna Hackett, Laura Kaye, Julie James (bonus points because he knew that Roberts and Robb were the same person!)

Q: What is my favorite sub-genre of romance?
Sci-Fi (or Science Fiction to be ‘proper’) romance

Q: What is my favorite romance trope/relationship type?
Fake relationship

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Do you have someone in your life who supports your book nerd ways?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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