REVIEW: Help Wanted by Alison Hendricks

Alison Hendricks-Help Wanted

4 Stars Rating


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Help Wanted by Alison Hendricks
LGBTQ+ Contemporary Romance
DADcademy #1

Julian Rossi loves being a father to his young son but he never expected he’d be doing it on his own, so certain parenting skills are eluding the hairdresser. When Julian meets baker and fellow single father Eric Buchanan, he sees an opportunity to trade parenting tips and maybe help other fathers out there. I’m a sucker for a single father romance so I jumped on reading Help Wanted as soon as I saw Alison Hendricks had a new book out. I adored this super cute and fluffy romance that had my heart sighing every chapter.

Julian and Eric might be opposites when it comes to appearance but they both have the sweetest hearts. Julian is fashionable and confident and outgoing while Eric is more of a reserved and gentle giant. But together they find a friendship and eventual relationship that they’ve both been craving. They’re also great parents who would do anything for their children. I just wanted to sweep these two into a hug every time they doubted themselves. While the drama and angst is very low key there is still some tension as Julian’s ex recently abandoned him and their son and Eric hasn’t had a relationship since his divorce.

I also really loved the idea of a Dadcademy that brings single men together to seek advice, help, and friendship. I can’t wait to read more in this series because I devoured this one and Alison Hendricks is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

4 out of 5 stars
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Book Details

“Will you start a DADcademy with me?”

Eric Buchanan just wants to do right by his daughter, but when she expresses an interest in all things glamorous–something his nerdy, dad jeans wearing self knows nothing about–he’s absolutely lost. The solution? Find an adorably fashionable hairdresser who can show him the ropes.

Julian Rossi has spent his life helping other people become the best version of themselves, but when it comes to raising a son on his own–especially feeding that son–he’s making it up as he goes along. When a big teddy bear of a man comes in looking for help, Julian can’t resist. And when he learns that man also knows how to cook, he decides to strike a deal.

The plan: Swap essential dad-skills to support each other, one single dad to another. But attraction grows with every lesson, and Eric and Julian soon find themselves eager for a little one-on-one teaching. When old insecurities and crazy exes threaten to ruin what they’ve built, they’ll have to learn to truly trust one another–with their family, and their heart.

Published by Alison Hendricks by January 4, 2019

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