REVIEW: Playing Doctor by Cathy Yardley

Cathy Yardley-Playing Doctor

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Playing Doctor by Cathy Yardley
Series: Fandom Hearts #5
Published: January 27, 2019 by RYW Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cressida Frost is in a bind. The home and business she shares with her sisters are in jeopardy as the landlord threatens to sell the property out from under them. Her only hope is to win a four million dollar treasure hunt prize, buy the house, and save Frost Fandoms Bookstore and Collectible Shop. The only hitch in her plan: as an agoraphobic, the thought of traveling across multiple states to find the prize is more than daunting.

Noah Sukarno is in over his head. When trouble arrives on his doorstep and threatens his family, he knows he has to win the treasure hunt prize. He and Cressida have known each other for years through the contest fan boards, and he knows she is closer than anyone else to finding the treasure. However, his brilliant plan to volunteer to help her to get closer to the prize may just blow up in his face.

Agreeing to travel together in an RV painted to look like the TARDIS, Cressida and Noah both have a lot riding on finding the treasure. Working together to overcome her panic attacks and his sense of impending doom, they realize that the biggest risk may be to their hearts. Will mistrust and betrayal tear them apart, or will love prove to be “bigger on the inside?”

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My Review

Cressida Frost can’t lose her home and her family’s books and collectibles shop and it’s more than just not wanting to move — Cressida is agoraphobic and her home is the only place she truly feels safe. Winning the famous treasure hunt she’s been working on for over a year would mean she could buy their house but in order to find it she’ll need to go outside. I loved the set up for Playing Doctor and I’ve been waiting for Cressida’s story forever!

Cressida is sweet and innocent in a lot of ways but she’s also seen the darker part of life, so she knows how everything can change in an instant. While Cressida might be sweet she’s also not afraid to speak her mind and I loved seeing her take agency over her sex life and claim the adventure she’s always wanted to go on. There’s something so genuine about Cressida and you know that what you see is what you get. Over the past year, Cressida has been working on the treasure hunt with another forum member, Noah, and while she’s developed a crush she never expects anything to come of it. But when Noah shows up proposing they go after the treasure she seizes the moment.

Every day Noah looks forward to talking to Cressida but when he meets her in person he’s floored at how beautiful she is. I loved how Noah always supported Cressida and believes in her ability to conquer parts of her agoraphobia. Noah makes some mistakes along the way and keeps secrets that he probably shouldn’t have, but overall I really liked him as a hero. I can’t really fault him for his decisions because he’s doing everything in an attempt to protect his family. Noah’s also not afraid to fix his mistakes and admit when he’s wrong and that’s always a trait I appreciate.

With some laugh out loud moments and a perfectly nerdy romance these two are certainly in my top couples from this series.

**Reader Safety: Heroine has agoraphobia and panic attacks (on page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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