REVIEW: Mission: Her Defense by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Mission Her Defense

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Mission: Her Defense by Anna Hackett
Team 52 #4
Published: February 10, 2019 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Suspense Romance

Blair Mason is badass to the bone. She’s no stranger to loss and barely survived the mission that ended her military career. Now, as part of Team 52, she never shies away from a fight to ensure pieces of powerful ancient technology don’t fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, she’s often forced to “liaise” with the team’s contact at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. The tall, hard-bodied detective ignites her temper quicker than any man she’s ever known…and after a terrible massacre, she’s horrified to find that she and MacKade are being ordered to work together.

Detective Luke MacKade was born a protector. He takes care of his family, and as a dedicated homicide detective, he protects his city. He is less thrilled with his job of cleaning up after Team 52 after they tear through Vegas on a mission. Blair is a woman who sets him off just by breathing, but even he can’t deny the powerful attraction he feels to her strength and skill. When several cursed samurai swords are stolen in a bloody attack, it is up to Luke and Blair to get them back…before more blood is shed.

But others are after the swords and their hidden powers. As Luke and Blair’s dangerous investigation intensifies, they face danger at every turn. Luke battles his intense need to protect the woman he’s falling for, a woman who neither wants or needs his protection. But as their desire burns white-hot, Luke will learn that the toughest defenses are the ones around Blair’s heart.

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My Review

Like all of the Anna Hackett’s books, Mission: Her Defense starts off with a bang and the action never lets up. I love diving into Hackett’s books and just getting swept up in all the action and romance.

I loved Blair from the first book of the series and I’ve been dying for her story because she’s such a badass woman. Blair is smart, strong, and a serious threat in a fight — I pretty much have a girl crush on her. Getting close to other people is hard for Blair because she’s afraid to lose anyone else in her life, so she pushes away Luke anytime he gets too close. But Luke is determined and I loved that he never gave up on Blair.

Luke is the perfect possessive alpha and exactly what Blair needs in her life. Luke is never intimated by Blair and he’s not bothered by her strength, instead he supports her and believes in her. On top of that, Luke and Blair have amazing chemistry and these two were burning up my Kindle.

I’m loving the Team 52 books and I can’t wait for Ty’s book next because that little teaser about his story has me really intrigued!

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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