ARC REVIEW: Lost in Paradise by Rachel Lacey

Rachel Lacey-Lost in Paradise

3 Stars Rating


My Review

Lost in Paradise by Rachel Lacey
Stranded #2
LGBTQ Contemporary Romance

Nicole Morella is recently divorced and ready to get over her cheating ex-husband so she goes on a Mediterranean cruise to relax in the sun and sand. Meeting Fiona Boone is just the type of distraction Nicole needs but they’re both shocked when their cruise boat is boarded by men with guns. They manage to escape in a lifeboat but now they’re stuck at sea with no idea if they’ll be found.

Lost in Paradise started a little off for me but I eventually got into it and it was a good read. I did feel like both Nicole and Fiona handled their stranded status almost too easily but they’re also both very competent and strong minded women so I guess that balances it out. I definitely connected more with Nicole who is so compassionate and caring and I liked the way she refused to give up on Fiona every time she got pushed away.

Fiona is used to being alone and keeping everyone at a distance so she doesn’t want to take a chance on Nicole. Fiona’s story was heartbreaking and I can relate to her more introverted desire for solitude. However, Fiona keeps everything so locked down emotionally that even we as the reader don’t know what’s going on with her. This made it really hard for me to understand her because I never really felt like I got to know Fiona.

Lost in Paradise was good while I was reading it but unfortunately I was just never truly invested in the story or the romance.

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3 stars – it was good
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References to child sexual abuse (off page)

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Nicole Morella boards a private Mediterranean cruise with one goal: to reclaim herself after her divorce. When she sits next to a beautiful blonde in the ship’s lounge, she’s knocked off balance by the immediate attraction between them, and it’s not just because Nicole hasn’t found her sea legs yet. Fiona stirs things in Nicole that haven’t been stirred in a long time, but a fiery kiss turns dangerous when the ship is hijacked. The women launch a daring escape, leaving them adrift in an empty lifeboat.

Fiona Boone has been adrift most of her life, but never in such a literal sense. She’s a survivor, though, so when they land on a deserted island, Fiona’s ready to do whatever it takes to stay alive until they’re rescued. In the meantime, she can’t get enough of the feisty woman she’s stranded with, despite her usual fiercely independent nature. Although they’re lost, Fiona finds something unexpected in the comfort of Nicole’s touch. But when an injury puts her life in jeopardy, they begin to worry help won’t arrive in time. If she survives their ordeal, Fiona might just face her biggest challenge yet: falling in love.

Published by Rachel Lacey on February 12, 2019

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