MOVIE REVIEW: The Kissing Booth

Movie-The Kissing Booth

My Review

The Kissing Booth was a cute and enjoyable teen movie and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Elle and Lee have been best friends since birth and they live and die by their list of friendship “rules”. But as Elle grows up she begins to crush on Lee’s older brother, Noah, and that’s a big no-no from the rules. She keeps it a secret but it turns out she’s not alone in her feelings.

I really enjoyed Joey King as Elle and she does a great job creating this fun, goofy, and confident young woman. While most of Elle’s story is focused on her growing feelings for Noah and changing dynamics with Lee, we also get to see a bit of Elle coming into her own skin and owning her newly found confidence.

Noah is the golden boy who has always gotten everything he wants, including girls. He’s protective of his younger brother but also of Elle, since she’s practically family. Noah was your quintessential teen love interest — he’s hot, popular, smart, and surprisingly sensitive. All that being said I really loved him because he came across as so sincere. As an added bonus, he’s not really perfect and has struggled with anger issues his whole life. That becomes more apparent as he starts getting in fights with other guys while trying to protect Elle.

The comedy is easy and sometimes obvious, but I found myself laughing quiet a bit alongside my smiles over the romance. It’s not overly unique in the world of teen rom-coms but I’m glad I watched it and I’d certainly recommend it to others.

Released May 2018

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