REVIEW: Fast, Fresh, & Hot by Eliza Madison

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4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Fast, Fresh, & Hot by Eliza Madison
Series: Men at Work #1
Published: June 29, 2015 by AGD Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Fantasy guys were supposed to remain anonymous. They were supposed to be nothing more than pretty faces. I didn’t have time for real.

Even though she’s ordered 4 pizzas this week, Becca Dahl’s interested less in spicy sausage and more in the smoking eye candy provided by her hot delivery guy, Tariq. It’s not supposed to amount to anything,but when he proposes a co-ed study break, the sex is hotter than she expected. They both want it to last more than one night, but Becca doesn’t have time for a relationship. She’s got to finish grad school with honors if she’s ever going to earn her dad’s praise. But when Tariq’s kisses light her up brighter than the Bat Signal, she can’t help but say yes to another date.

As they spend more time together out of bed, Becca starts to see the man behind the pizza box. They find a connection deeper than their mutual love of comic books and nerdy movie quotes. Tariq shares pieces of himself and he sees through Becca’s façade to the pain she’s kept hidden for years. Her resolve to hold him at arm’s length starts crumbling. But when Tariq shows up at her graduation, setting off her overbearing father, can he convince her that when it comes to a relationship, they’ve got what it takes to deliver?

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My Review

I never really got why Becca was so adamant her and Tariq were not dating but other than that I really enjoyed Fast, Fresh, & Hot. Told from Becca’s point of view, this was fun, sexy and a quick read.

Tariq’s sex appeal and charm just jumps off the page and I loved his easy going personality. Tariq is a great match for Becca because he gives her a chance to step away from her grad work and start living life. Becca has focused her whole life into graduating grad school and making her father proud. She has no problem going after Tariq and I loved her confidence. With a ton of chemistry, Tariq and Becca are a great couple that set my kindle on fire!

We also meet Tariq’s twin brother, Kam, but he’s the complete opposite and I can’t wait to read his story.

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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