MINI REVIEWS: Nora Roberts

This post contains mini reviews for several of Nora Roberts’ books. These titles are generally rated as 3 stars and below and I’m grouping them because my review is minimal. I’ll continue to include additional reviews as come up.

At this time I have mini reviews for the following titles:

  • Song of the West – reviewed October 2018
  • Partners – reviewed September 2018
  • This Magic Moment – reviewed November 2017

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Song of the West

Contemporary Romance
2 Stars

This is one of Nora Roberts’ older romances and it’s obviously of the old school variety so while I liked the writing, I just couldn’t completely enjoy the romance. Roberts does an amazing job of describing Wyoming and showing the sisterly love between Sam and Bree but that’s really where my enjoyment ended. Sam spends most of the book trying to resist Jake and pretty much just letting things happen to her instead of being a real participant in the relationship. Jake pushes through all of Sam’s token resistance like a man who takes what he wants. Overall, not my favorite by Roberts but considering it was written in 1981 I’m not surprised either.

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16095878Suspense Romance
3 Stars

Matthew Bates and Laurel Armand are both journalists but that’s where their common ground ends, so when they’re forced to work on a investigation together it will put both of them to the test. Partners is definitely “old school” Nora Roberts but it holds up better than some of her other romances from the 80’s and 90’s (eye-balling Island of Flowers). I really enjoyed the story and the mystery surrounding the unfortunate death of Anne Trulane. With a setting of New Orleans, Roberts does a great job of creating the atmosphere of the bayou and swamps as well as the genteel nature of southern upperclass society.

Laurel was a feisty, competent, and passionate woman who speaks her mind and stands up for herself. I really enjoyed her battle of wills with Matt who she finds to be arrogant and obnoxious. What Laurel doesn’t know is that Matt has desired her ever since they met. Matt is a bit heavy-handed but overall he’s fairly liberated and enlightened for a romance hero from the 80’s.

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This Magic Moment

18922719Contemporary Romance
3 Stars

This is your typical 80’s romance with high passion, a brooding hero, and generous heroine. I’ve always been fascinated by magicians so I enjoyed that this book was all about magic and illusions. I wish we could have gotten some of the secrets behind the tricks because I just want to know. Bess and Link were wonderful side characters!

Ryan was a great heroine with strength and passion for her work. She might have bent to all of Pierce’s whims but she still knows how to stand up for herself. Pierce was a little too rigid in his ways for me. I will concede that he was to be expected for a hero from the 80’s but it doesn’t really work for me. Compromise isn’t really in his nature and instead Ryan does all the compromising.

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