Bookish Places I’d Love to Visit

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While reading books often involves curling up at home and staying indoors, there are some great places for book lovers to visit. I have my favorite bookstores and libraries where I can get lost among the shelves for hours, but there’s also some special and unique destinations that I’d love to visit one day.


The Ripped Bodice in California

From the very beginning, I’ve wanted to visit The Ripped Bodice, an exclusively romance bookstore. The appreciation and dedication for romance that Leah and Bea Koch have created with their store is inspiring, especially for a genre that is often mocked. I happily follow the store’s Twitter account and it often makes me wish I lived in California just to visit regularly. One day I’ll visit this amazing store and probably spend way too much money while I’m there.

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Inn BoonsBoro in Maryland

I’ve long dreamed of staying at the Inn BoonsBoro bed and breakfast because this beautiful and historic building is owned and designed by Nora Roberts and her husband, Bruce Wilder. With rooms named after famous couples, including Roberts’ own Eve and Roarke from her In Death series, it’s a unique destination for book lovers. As a bonus, Nora Robert’s bookstore, Turn the Page, is right across the street and this is one of the few places that Roberts does signing events at.

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Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London

My middle school English teacher really fostered my love of William Shakespeare’s plays and they’ve been one of the few “classics” that I’ve actually enjoyed reading. I would be on cloud nine to one day visit the Globe Theater which Shakespeare was a share holder in. To see a play in such a historic location would be amazing and hopefully one day I can hop the pond and visit London for this experience.

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The Open Book in Scotland

Owning a bookstore has always been a little explored dream of mine so I love the unique opportunity this Airbnb location offers. The Open Book allows guests to stay in an apartment above the bookstore which they can run during their stay. To make the experience even better, this is located is in Wigtown which is designated as Scotland’s National Book Town so there’s all kinds of bookish things to do.

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What bookish places do you want to visit?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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