REVIEW: What Happens at Con by Cathy Yardley

Cathy Yardley-What Happens At Con

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

What Happens at Con by Cathy Yardley
Series: Fandom Hearts #4
Published: July 31, 2018 by RYW Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Ani wants just one night of abandon….

She’s burned out from dealing with sexist crap, and with the hell of her grad program looming ahead of her, she just wants one night of nameless cosplay masquerade sex to blow off some steam. But even that goes wrong when the masks come off….

Abraham wants more than he ever expected….

He’s usually been a short-term guy, but one night with Ani opens his eyes. He’s shocked when she’s the one to pull away, saying that with everything she’s got going on, she has neither the time nor energy for a relationship.

Can this tough guy prove he has what it takes to care?

She doesn’t need a defender: She needs a supporter, someone to help her pick up the slack in her life. He’s been a fighter, not a nurturer, but he’ll do whatever it takes to show her that what happened at Con shouldn’t just stay at Con.

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My Review

Ani knows she has a hard road ahead of her as she deals with her sexist grad program adviser. So when Ani goes to the Erotica City Con for a night of anonymous fun she never expects her hookup to be the obnoxious man from her friend’s video game company. Abraham is shocked to see his sexy siren is Ani but he’s also immediately captivated and he proposes a few weeks of fun for both of them.

As Ani and Abraham begin to spend time together they’re both confronted with their incorrect assumptions about each other. One of the best parts of What Happens at Con is how the characters come to see the true person under the public persona. Ani is used to the hardships of being a women in a science field so she’s always ready to defend herself. While Abraham has many years of dealing with his father’s misguided ideas about masculinity and what a “real man” should be doing with his life.

Of course, Abraham is not magically fixed but he does begin to let go of his misguided ideas about gender roles and relationships. We as the reader see a lot of how Abraham has been conditioned by his father and society to act the way he does, but I wish that Ani had seen more of that. I never felt like she really understood just how much Abraham changed. That being said I really liked Ani, she’s smart, a hard worker, and while a bit stubborn, she’s also really dedicated to work and her friends. Ani and Abraham certainly set off sparks frequently but I also felt they were a good match.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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