REVIEW: On a Barbarian World by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-On a Barbarian World

3 Stars Rating


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On a Barbarian World by Anna Hackett
The Phoenix Adventures #6
Science Fiction Romance

When Aurina Phoenix crash lands on a warrior planet she has no idea if she’ll make it back to the Phoenix convoy or whether she’ll be stuck in this primitive civilization. Kavon lives for revenge and Aurina is just one more thing in his way so he’ll do anything to make sure he can succeed.

As usual Anna Hackett offers a great adventure for her readers and I especially enjoyed the low-tech vs. high-tech involved in this one. Aurina is a feisty and likable heroine and she and Kavon set off sparks with their battle of wills. We haven’t seen a whole lot of Aurina in the previous books, but I enjoyed reading about her and her adventures.

The Markarians have heard of skyfliers as they call them, but it’s been a long time since any have landed on their planet. So Aurina’s tools and knowledge weren’t totally out of left field but there was still some issues. Kavon is used to always being obeyed and Aurina challenges that at every turn. It was enjoyable to watch Kavon grow to respect Aurina’s strength and for him to realize that he can get what he wants much easier if he works with her instead of just ordering her around. Sometimes Kavon was a bit annoying in his uber-possessive nature, but it was fitting for a warlord. However, I like these books because they are science fiction, so this one almost felt more like historical with the way the characters, especially Kavon, acted.

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Book Details

Aurina Phoenix spends most of her time zooming through uncharted space and gathering intel for her family’s deep-space convoy, but her life takes an unexpected detour when a meteor shower brings down her ship. She finds herself on a barren, low-tech planet inhabited by dangerous beasts…and lands in the arms of a brawny barbarian warlord.

Markarian warrior Kavon Mal Dor is known for his skill in battle. He lives to protect his clan…and to avenge the murder of his father. Every move he makes is part of his grand plan for revenge, including finding a legendary sword and marrying a warlord’s daughter. But when a beautiful skyflyer crashes into his world, she is the one thing he never counted on.

Fighting their incendiary attraction, Aurina and Kavon make a deal: she’ll help him find the sword and in return, he’ll give her the emergency beacon she needs to get home. But as the search for the sword plunges them into a dangerous adventure they find themselves consumed by a powerful passion and questioning everything they’ve ever wanted.

Published by Anna Hackett on December 18, 2015

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