Movie-Love, Rosie

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Talk about two people who can’t work out their timing! I loved this movie but not for the reasons I think I was supposed to. Based on the book by Cecelia Ahern, this movie follows best friends Alex and Rosie from their teen years into adulthood. Both have feelings for each other but right when they might have been able to make things work by moving to Boston, Rosie ends up pregnant (not Alex’s) and from that point forward, mistakes, and missed opportunities keep them apart.

I really enjoyed Rosie, played by Lilly Collins, for her honest performance of a girl just trying to get by in life. Nothing ever comes easy to Rosie and I felt so bad for some of the things she goes through, but she never loses her happy outlook on life or her determination to one day achieve her dream of owning her own hotel. One of the best things about Rosie’s journey is the friendship she develops with Ruby, a woman she meets at the pharmacy. Ruby stole the show in all her scenes and I loved the portrayal of female friendship. Honestly, I kind of wish that Rosie and Ruby could just spend the rest of their lives together because they truly show what it means to care for a person.

Now when it comes to Alex and Rosie, I struggled to enjoy Alex and see him as a hero for Rosie. It felt too much like Alex was stringing Rosie along and keeping her waiting back home in the UK while he figured things out. Granted, neither of them admit their feelings so there is equal blame there but I felt like Alex was more hurtful in his approach. He constantly reaches out to Rosie when he’s feeling down or having relationship issues and Rosie begins to think she has a chance. Miscommunication abounds between the two and they go from friends, to acquaintances, to friends again as time goes by. As both Alex and Rosie try to move on with other people they never really stop thinking about what could have been. I supposed this was the great love story part of the movie but for me, I just couldn’t fall in love with them as a couple.

All that being said, I would totally recommend this movie; the romance might not have been for me but it was a beautiful look at life, love, and loss.

Released October 2014

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