REVIEW: If the Shoe Fits by Rachel Lacey

Rachel Lacey-If the Shoe Fits

3 Stars Rating


Book Details

If the Shoe Fits by Rachel Lacey
Series: Almost Royal #1
Published: October 2, 2018 by NYLA
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Elle Davenport is no princess—she just dresses up as one for her job at a local theme park. But when she gets the call that she’s won a contest to live and work at a real-life castle in Virginia, she finally feels like she’s found her calling. If she’s successful, her venture could become permanent, and that sounds like Elle’s idea of the perfect modern-day fairytale. There’s only one problem: the castle’s grumpy—and sexy—new owner wants her gone as soon as possible.

Theo Langdon never imagined he’d inherit the title of Earl of Highcastle so young. With his grandfather’s recent death, he needs to sell Rosemont Castle so he can return to London. If only he wasn’t butting heads with the vivacious new property manager at every corner. Although he’s got a life waiting for him in London, Rosemont Castle suddenly feels a lot like home, thanks to Elle. As the clock winds down on her time at the castle, he’ll have to reconcile his obligations in London with the American woman who’s stolen his heart.

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My Review

I’ll be honest and say that I struggled to get off the ground with If the Shoe Fits. I ended up putting it down after only a few chapters and letting it sit for a week or so before coming back to it. I found the beginning to be slow but it does pick up as Elle, Ruby, and Megan get their business off the ground. I loved the idea of the Fairy Tails Program and the dogs were just adorable throughout the story. Elle starts out a bit adrift in life; she’s working as a theme park princess and doesn’t really seem to have a lot of ambition. But as she works on improving Rosemont Castle, it’s clear that Elle is a smart and hard working woman who dives into things and gives them her whole heart. Though I never really connected with Elle I did like her as a person and a character.

While Elle plays the part of our Cinderella, Theo is supposed to be our Prince Charming but his desire to sell Rosemont Castle makes him a bit of a “villain” at first. With his grandfather’s passing, Theo is left the responsibility of Earl at a much earlier age then he was expecting. He greatly feels the pressure to return to England and uphold the duties his grandfather let fall by the wayside. But when Theo meets Elle he just can’t turn her away without giving her a chance. Theo doesn’t believe he’ll change his mind but he agrees to let the girls give their hotel and dog adoption program a chance. Of course things get complicated when he begins a personal relationship with Elle and while Theo might be good at compartmentalizing business and pleasure, Elle has a softer heart in these matters.

Overall, I liked this book but it doesn’t stand out for me because I just never connected with the characters. However, the ending had some great moments that left me excited for more in the series.

**Reader Safety: Discussion of mental illness and suicide

3 stars – it was good

ARC provided by author for honest review

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Rachel Lacey-If the Shoe Fits

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