Favorite New-To-Me Authors of 2018

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2018 has been a great reading so far and we’re not even done yet! But more than just reading some wonderful books by my favorite authors, I’ve also found a few new-to-me authors that immediately captivated me and zoomed straight onto my favorite authors list.

Post Separator.Quinn Anderson

I was sure I had started reading Quinn Anderson in 2017 because I have so many of her books, but I read the first one (New Heights) in February. She’s become one of my favorite m/m romance authors and I always enjoy her characters. They’re complicated and flawed, but also big-hearted and genuine.

Quinn Anderson-New Heights Quinn Anderson-Fourteen Summers Quinn Anderson-The Long Way Around
Reviews: New Heights, Fourteen Summers, The Long Way Around

Post SeparatorRoni Loren

I was sucked into this series from the very beginning and I can’t wait for the next ones to come out. Roni Loren tackles a lot of tough subjects like school shootings, PTSD, and survivor’s guilt but she handles them in such a thought provoking way. I love the deep emotions of all her characters and the truly beautiful relationships she’s created.

Roni Loren-The Ones Who Got Away Roni Loren-The Ones You Can't Forget
Reviews: The Ones Who Got Away, The One You Can’t Forget

Post SeparatorRachel Reid

Rachel Reid is a very recent read but I loved every second of her debut book and I’m so glad I got the ARC for it. I’m a sucker for hockey romances and I loved that our player was a down-to-earth leader just trying to find acceptance. There was a lot of story in this book but it was all well paced and I never wanted it to end.

Rachel Reid-Game Changer
Review: Game Changer

Post SeparatorLiz Lincoln

I’ll admit that it was those abs shown below that first brought me to Liz Lincoln but once I started reading I was really impressed with the writing. Humble but sexy heroes and nerdy/intelligent heroines are like my catnip and I found them in both of Lincoln’s books.

Liz Lincoln-On the Line Liz Lincoln-Swagger
Reviews: On the Line, Swagger

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What new authors have you found this year?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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