REVIEW: Mission: Her Rescue by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Mission Her Rescue

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Mission: Her Rescue by Anna Hackett
Team 52 #2
Published: October 7, 2018 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Suspense Romance

When archaeologist January’s plane is shot down over the Guatemalan jungle, she knows she’s being hunted for the invaluable Mayan artifacts she’s carrying. Only one man and his team can save her…the covert, black ops Team 52, and the distrusting former CIA operative who drives her crazy…

Dr. January James has a motto: live life to the fullest. A terrible incident in her past, where she lost both her mother and her innocence, taught her that. Now she spends her days on archaeological digs doing the work she loves. When her team uncovers a pair of dangerous artifacts in an overgrown temple, she knows they need to be secured and safeguarded. But someone else knows about the artifacts…and will kill to get them.

Working for the CIA, Seth Lynch learned the hard way that people lie and will always stab you in the back. He has the scars to prove it. He lives for his work with Team 52—ensuring pieces of powerful ancient technology don’t fall into the wrong hands. When he learns that the feisty, independent archeologist who works his last nerve has died in a plane crash, he makes it his mission to discover who the hell is responsible.

Deep in the jungle, Seth rescues a very-much alive January and it is up to him to keep both her and the artifacts safe. Hunted from every side, their attraction is explosive and fiery, but with January’s life on the line, Seth must fight his own demons in order to rescue the woman he can no longer resist.

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My Review

Full of action and steamy sex, Mission: Her Rescue was another excellent book by Anna Hackett. January was a spitfire of a woman and she knows how to take care of herself after losing her mother as a teenager. Even after a plane crash January is still holding strong and she’ll do anything to protect the orbs from falling into the wrong hands. When theses two first meet, Seth is trying to “acquire” an artifact of January’s and she nails him in the head with a pole. I loved that the team is constantly giving Seth a hard time about their meeting but they also recognize how good January is for Seth.

After being betrayed in the CIA, Seth doesn’t trust easily and he makes some mistakes with January because of this. He’s hard and stoic but he’s also a natural protector and he gives everything he has to get January out of the jungle safely. Though trust issues cause some problems, I liked that Seth goes all in with January once he realizes his feelings. I’ve loved the concept of Team 52 from the beginning and I can’t wait for more.

**Reader Safety: Heroine was raped as a teenager (referenced, off page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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