REVIEW: On a Cyborg Planet by Anna Hackett

On a Cyborg Planet

3 Stars Rating

My Review

On a Cyborg Planet by Anna Hackett
The Phoenix Adventures #4.5
Science Fiction Romance

Axton Saros, the Prime of Centax, is still recovering from the attack on his planet and the torture he endured at the hands of the evil Rahl. To make matters worse, one of their priced artifacts is still missing, so Axton teams up with CenSec Security Commander Xenia Alexander to find it. Xenia has worked hard to prove she’s worthy of her position but the filters that should be dampening her emotions have never worked and she’s desperate to keep that a secret. Spending time with the sexy Prime will challenge Xenia is new and surprising ways.

On A Cyborg Planet was a step away from the Phoenix brothers but a continuation of On a Rogue Planet so it was fun to return to Centax and see these wonderful cyborgs. Because Axton has less enhancements he feels all his emotions and is very open about them. So much so that he’s struggling with the feeling of uselessness that he’s experienced since his kidnapping and torture. Axton is desperate to restore peace and hope to his planet and this comes through clearly in all his actions.

Xenia, on the other hand, has many enhancement and shouldn’t feel emotions, but the dampening filters  have never worked on her. Keeping her emotions a secret has taken a toll on Xenia and she has to learn to accept that emotions can make her stronger. I really loved reading about Xenia learning to embrace her emotions and Axton was great when it came to supporting her. The love between Axton and Xenia is very fast in this book since it’s less than 100 pages, however, much of it is built on the idea that they’ve been attracted to each other for awhile.

I’d love to have more books on the Centaxians, especially considering the statements Xander makes in the end about working with the scientists to prevent enhancements from dampening emotions.

3 out of 5 stars

Tags: Cyborg | Politician | Police Officer | Space Travel

Book Details

After a vicious coup, cyborg Axton Saros, Prime of the planet of Centax, is trying to rebuild his world. Still recovering from his captivity and dark guilt, he won’t let anything get in his way. But a priceless artifact, stolen during the attack, is still missing and Axton wants it back. What he doesn’t want is the emotionless and infuriating Centax Security cyborg, Commander Xenia Alexander, heading the investigation.

Everybody knows CenSecs are the galaxy’s deadliest killers. So enhanced that their emotions are dampened to nothing. But Xenia’s been keeping a secret her entire life–her systems don’t work and she feels. Working with Axton to find the Codex Da Vinci, he makes every emotion in her flare to brilliant life, but to be the perfect CenSec, she must not succumb.

As they follow a trail of clues and booby traps, Axton vows to do everything he can to show his beautiful cyborg the pleasure she’s never experienced. Even if she fights him every step of the way. But as the hunt takes a deadly turn, their desire might be the only thing that can save Xenia from annihilation.

Published by Anna Hackett on December 21, 2014

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