MOVIE REVIEW: After the Ball

Movie-After the Ball

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I wanted something light and fluffy so I gave After the Ball a shot and was not disappointed with this Cinderella retelling. Kate Kassell dreams of being a fashion designer and following in her parent’s footsteps but when her evil stepsisters steal her designs and set her up as a corporate spy she ends up fired from Kassel Designs. With a little help from her godmother and friends, Kate disguises herself as Nate, an up and coming new – male – fashion designer. Of course hijinks ensue as Kate tries to figure out what her stepmother and stepsisters are really up to and she grapples with a serious crush on Kassel’s shoe designer Daniel.

There’s nothing new about Cinderella but I enjoyed the twist this movie took by having Kate pretend to be a man and infiltrate her father’s company. While playing a bit on the “gay men in fashion” stereotype, I felt that the movie handled it well and created a funny and unique telling of this classic fairytale. Portia Doubleday, who plays Kate/Nate, was wonderful in the role and her comedic timing was perfect to deliver an endearing but slightly goofy young woman. Our Prince Charming, Daniel, played by Marc-André Grondin was adorably bashful and understated and I loved his more beta personality. He’s doesn’t rush in to save Kate from all her woes because she has no problem doing it herself. This “Cinderella” doesn’t need saving by the hero and I really appreciated that.

Released April 2015

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