REVIEW: Beneath a Trojan Moon by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Beneath a Trojan Moon

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Beneath a Trojan Moon by Anna Hackett
The Phoenix Adventures #3.5
Published: November 26, 2014 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Fortune teller Relda Dela-Cruz is a woman with a secret. One she’ll do anything to conceal. She hides in plain sight on the market world of Souk, content with running her profitable fortune-telling business and never letting anyone too close. But when assailants attack her in pursuit of a powerful artifact, Relda collides with the city’s handsome, new marshal. A man who leaves no stone unturned and no secret covered.

War has left former Galactic Special Forces Captain Hunt Calder tired and empty, but one look at sexy Relda–with her wild curls and lush curves–brings him back to life. When she’s threatened over the mysterious Trojan Moon, Hunt will let nothing stop him from protecting her. Even Relda herself.

As they face alien attackers and killer droids, Relda can’t resist her burning attraction to Hunt. But she knows he’s the most dangerous threat of all, because he doesn’t just want her body, he wants her trust and her secret, too. A secret with the power to destroy Hunt and Relda, the city, even the planet itself.

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My Review

Beneath a Trojan Moon was another excellent addition to the series and I’ve really been enjoying the diversity of planets, species, and races that Anna Hackett has been incorporating in her stories. This is truly a galaxy of many varied types and all the variations definitely add complexity to the world she’s created. Relda was a great heroine who knows how to take care of herself and knows what she wants in life. Because her species was hunted, she’s had to keep her powers a secret from everyone and though she thinks she’s keeping everyone at arm’s length, she’s actually put down strong roots in Souk.

“You brought me back to life. One look at you and all this vibrant color crashed into my gray world.”

I absolutely loved Hunt, he’s the exact type of hero that I seek out in books. Hunt is strong, protective and a touch dominant; this man knows he wants Relda and he’s not afraid to tell her exactly what he wants to do to her. He’s that perfect mix of steadfast and wild. I did feel the story was focused a lot more on Relda so we didn’t get a very in-depth look at Hunt and his history but enough was covered to get the basics.

I always say I want a longer book but in this case it was more needed than wanted. Relda once revealed who she was to the man she thought loved her and he betrayed her; because of this, Relda is very cautious and believes she will never find true love with someone. With all of that background, it was a bit unexpected that Relda would reveal her secret to Hunt so easily and quickly after being with him. Because this novella was less than 100 pages there wasn’t a lot of time for true trust to be built so Relda is really just going on instinct when she confides in Hunt. I wanted a longer book so that this could be more developed.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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