REVIEW: Undetected by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Undetected

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Undetected by Anna Hackett
Treasure Hunter Security #8
Published: September 4, 2018 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Suspense Romance

Darcy Ward has sold her soul to the devil. Okay, not quite the devil, but she did agree to work with Agent Arrogant and Annoying—aka Special Agent Alastair Burke of the FBI’s Art Crime Team to lay a trap for infamous black-market antiquities ring, Silk Road.

Darcy loves shoes, computers, caffeine, and working at her family business, Treasure Hunter Security. The only thing missing is her dream of a once-in-a-lifetime love, like her parents share, and a man who’ll put her first. She’s not so crazy about Silk Road trying to kill her family and friends, nor is she fond of an order-giving FBI agent and his distracting cologne. Using a trio of cursed diamonds as bait, she’s working hard to set a trap for Silk Road in the Dashwood Museum, but as the black-market thieves escalate their attempts to stop Darcy, she finds herself swept into Alastair’s strong, protective arms.

Alastair Burke is driven by vengeance. He’s dedicated his life to taking down Silk Road and its mysterious leader, the Collector, and now he finally has his chance. He can’t allow anything to distract him—especially not a sassy, smart woman who tests every bit of his control. But as the opening gala of the cursed diamonds exhibit approaches, the thieves target him and Darcy with a series of deadly attacks…and Alastair realizes he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

With the FBI and the former SEALs of Treasure Hunter Security at their backs, Darcy and Alastair are caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, and their fierce attraction. But with lives on the line, Alastair will find himself caught between his desire for revenge and keeping the woman he’s falling for alive.

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My Review

Undetected was a bittersweet read because I’ve been waiting for Darcy and Burke’s story for a long time but it’s also the last one in the Treasure Hunter Security series. Anna Hackett does not disappoint and we get another action packed, super sexy suspense romance. From the first time Darcy and Burke crossed paths there has been a delicious tension between them and as much as Darcy likes to call Burke Agent Arrogant and Annoying she also can’t help but be attracted to him. I liked that even when Darcy gave in to her attraction she still doesn’t take any crap from Burke and she has no problem speaking her mind and disagreeing with him.

“Just because they were taking down international black-market thieves didn’t mean she couldn’t look good while they did it.”

Darcy was also a refreshing heroine who embraces her feminine side but isn’t criticized for it. It was so nice to have a heroine who can like heels and fashion and not be cut down for it by other characters. Darcy is beyond tough and her choice in clothes has no bearing on that.

We’ve only had small glimpses of Burke throughout the series and he’s mostly been presented as stuffy and stoic and married to his job of taking down Silk Road. Now we get to see more of his personality and find out about his past. Burke’s mother was killed by Silk Road and he’s dedicated himself to stopping them but it’s also made his life fairly lonely. Burke doesn’t want to fall for Darcy because he knows how much it hurts to lose someone; loving makes you vulnerable, but he’s also determined to protect her. While he’s used to being charge there’s no doubt that Burke respects Darcy’s skills and her intelligence and he relies on her to pull her own weight in their fight. I also loved that Burke might wear stuffy suits all day but when those come off he was this wonderful, dirty talking alpha man. Talk about setting my Kindle on fire!

Burke and Darcy were an excellent pair and it was great to see all the previous Treasure Hunter Security couples one more time. There’s also a small appearance by Team 52 which now has their own series so I’m hoping that means this won’t be the last time we see some of the THS team.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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