Top 5: Favorite Friend Groups

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The Top 5 Wednesday tag was created on YouTube by Lainey from Gingerreadslainey and is now being hosted by Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes. You can find all the upcoming topics on the T5W Goodreads Group.

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September 5th: Favorite Friend Groups — We’ve discussed bromances before but let’s discuss our favorite ensemble friend groups!

Scarlett Cole-Strongest Steele Cathy Yardley-Level Up JD Robb-Secrets in Death Amanda Bouchet-A Promise of Fire Jess Anastasi-Atrophy

The Tattoo Artists from the Second Circle Tattoos series by Scarlett Cole

The tattoo artists at Second Circle Tattoos are more than just business partners and coworkers, they’re a found family. Each member — Trent, Cujo, Pixie, and Lia — have struggled in their personal lives but they find acceptance in each other. I loved each of these characters from the very first book and enjoyed getting all their stories and seeing their bonds grow as they each fall in love.

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The Geek Girls from the Fandom Hearts series by Cathy Yardley

Geeks are big in romance right now and I couldn’t be happier! I love that this series brings together a group of women who all love and support each other through their interests in books, fandoms, TV shows, cosplay, coding, and more. We need more examples of positive female relationships in romance novels as well as strong, STEM/STEAM based women so I love everything about this series.

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Eve’s Friends from the In Death series by J.D. Robb

Detective Eve Dallas might start this series as reluctant and standoffish but she still manages to round up an ever evolving group of friends. I love the variety of friend types that Eve finds herself surrounded by and each new book in the series brings an opportunity to check in with past favorites.

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Beta Team from The Kingmaker Chronicles trilogy by Amanda Bouchet

There’s a lot to like in this trilogy but one of my favorite parts is hands down Beta Team, a group of warriors determined to protect the royal family and bring peace to Thalyria. While the trilogy is focused on Cat and Griffin, I would kill to get books about each guy in Beta Team! There’s just something so compelling about each man who has put honor and fidelity before anything else.

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The Crew of the Imojenna from the Atrophy series by Jess Anastasi

Lead by the dark and dangerous Captain Rian Sherron, the crew of the Imojenna only has each other to rely on as they attempt to stop a secretive alien race from taking over. Another great example of found family, each crew member is a misfit in “normal” society but they find a place and a purpose on the Imojenna. There’s nothing like watching a group of prickly people work together and try to [poorly] hide how much they care about each other.

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