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Rebecca thought she had life sorted out; she’s married, well off, and has time to pursue her interests, but that all changes when a sudden psychic connection with a man across the country shows her a life she’s been missing. Dylan is struggling to not let past mistakes and bad habits mess up the life he’s finally scrapped together so he’s thrown for a loop when he begins seeing things through Rebecca’s eyes and visa versa. I absolutely loved the concept of In Your Eyes and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It’s a perfect blend of romance, comedy, and fantasy and the integration of the physic connection was so perfect that I felt like this could really happen to someone.

I quickly added Michael Stahl-David, who plays Dylan, to my list of celebrity crushes because he completely captivated me throughout. There was just something about his smile that was so sweet and attractive. Dylan was a wonderful “normal guy” hero in that he works a regular job, he lives in a trailer, and he hangs out at the local bar. He’s the type of guy most women would actually meet and fall for and this was so appealing for me. Both Dylan and Rebecca, played by Zoe Kazan, do a great job of creating real chemistry between their characters even though they spend almost all their time apart. As they start to become friends they find acceptance from the other that’s missing in their regular lives. I found myself with a big goofy grin on my face so many times because Dylan and Rebecca were just so cute together. And once they begin to acknowledge their feelings for each other things really start to heat up and we’ll just say there is a very steamy, psychic love scene that had me fanning my face afterward.

I will provide one viewer warning that technically Rebecca is cheating on her husband but I thought it was handled very well. It’s clear that Rebecca isn’t happy and while something like cheating is a big no for me in romance novels, I’m a little more lenient in movies (don’t ask why because I honestly don’t know).

Released April 2014

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