REVIEW: Mission: Her Protection by Anna Hackett

Anna Hackett-Mission Her Protection

5 Stars Rating


Book Details

Mission: Her Protection by Anna Hackett
Series: Team 52 #1
Published: August 12, 2018 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Suspense Romance

When Rowan’s Arctic research team pulls a strange object out of the ice in Northern Canada, things start to go wrong…very, very wrong. Rescued by a covert, black ops team, she finds herself in the powerful arms of a man with scary gold eyes. A man who vows to do everything and anything to protect her…

Dr. Rowan Schafer has learned it’s best to do things herself and not depend on anyone else. Her cold, academic parents taught her that lesson. She loves the challenge of running a research base, until the day her scientists discover the object in a retreating glacier. Under attack, Rowan finds herself fighting to survive…until the mysterious Team 52 arrives.

Former special forces Marine Lachlan Hunter’s military career ended in blood and screams, until he was recruited to lead a special team. A team tasked with a top-secret mission—to secure and safeguard pieces of powerful ancient technology. Married to his job, he’s done too much and seen too much to risk inflicting his demons on a woman. But when his team arrives in the Arctic, he uncovers both an unexplained artifact, and a young girl from his past, now all grown up. A woman who ignites emotions inside him like never before.

But as Team 52 heads back to their base in Nevada, other hostile forces are after the artifact. Rowan finds herself under attack, and as the bullets fly, Lachlan vows to protect her at all costs. But in the face of danger like they’ve never seen before, will it be enough to keep her alive.

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My Review

Mission: Her Protection was one hell of a start to a series! Crammed full of action, adventure, and a smoldering relationship I was sucked in from the very first chapter. Anna Hackett is a master at fast paced romantic suspense and I hated putting this book down for even a second. I was intrigued by Team 52 when we caught glimpses of them in the Treasure Hunter Security series and I was not disappointed. The action barely lets up the whole way through and this kept me reading to find out what was going to happen next. We also meet the Team 52 team and I was fascinated, intrigued, and if I’m being honest, mildly obsessed with each new character. These are men and women who have lived hard lives and most have a dark past but they’re dedicated to protecting the world.

Rowan and Lachlan haven’t seen each other in a long time but they have a history. As children they each wanted to escape their poor home environment and found a connection with each other. That connection lasts through time and when they meet again it brings them closer. The chemistry was immediate and on fire between these two though it’s certainly a good dose of insta-love I didn’t mind at all.

“Trust him to fall for a courageous woman who scared the hell out of him.”

Rowan was smart, brave, and refused to give up no matter what happened. She was also a bit of a trouble magnet which drives Lachlan up the wall. While I don’t necessarily think Rowan getting involved in the fighting was the best choice, I can’t deny deny she holds her own with Team 52. With a deadly group of treasure hunters after the artifact, Lachlan has no choice but to keep Rowan close if he wants to keep her safe. Though he plays the cold and walled off leader, Lachlan is full of honor and loyalty to his people and to those he cares about. He thinks Rowan deserves someone better than him but he also can’t stay away from the first woman who’s ever touched his heart. I loved watching Lachlan soften and show a more vulnerable side to his gruff exterior. Rowan in turn finds an acceptance that was lacking from her parents.

I can’t wait to read more in the Team 52 series because I loved every one of these characters!

**Reader Safety: Hero was abused as a child (referenced, off page)

5 stars – loved it!

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