Hating the Book Everyone Else Loves

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We’ve all had that dreaded moment when you’re reading that book everyone is raving about and you realize IT’S. JUST. NOT. WORKING. You’ve seen all the social media posts, maybe you’ve read the reviews, you’ve bought the book or waited anxiously for your library to get a copy and you were so excited to dive in.

And then it happens. You don’t like the book.

You think to yourself: Is it me? Is it the book? Am I even reading the same book as everyone else? Why is this happening to me?

Then comes the real struggle. You want to write a review but you’re worried devoted fans will dislike you or you’re afraid your blog readers and friends aren’t going to value your opinion anymore. Should you just stay quiet and let the fervor die down or should you loudly shout your disagreement because you love mayhem?

I used to get so stressed about disliking a book when I appeared to be in the minority. I always placed the blame on myself for not being in the right mood or just not appreciating the book enough. Being on social media also made it seem worse because come release day I was inundated with posts about a new book that made it feel like every single person  had read and loved the book. It took time but I realized that not every book is meant for every reader. While some blaze through the ranks and dazzle the majority of people, there are always those that disagree.

And that’s ok!

In fact, as time has gone by, I’ve come to realize that it’s very suspicious for a book to only have amazing reviews. Readers are complex and diverse and opinionated and I’ve come to love those opinions — whether they’re 5 stars or 1 star.

Does that make it any easier to be the odd one out? Not really and I don’t have a magical answer for how to be that person when it happens. But I’ve come to accept that I like what I like and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Have you disliked a book everyone else loved?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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