Confessions of a Romance Reader (Part 2)

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Back in March I debuted my Confessions of a Romance Reader post where I dug into my vault of secrets and confessed to some of my reading habits. Here is Part 2!


I buy a book and then take FOREVER to read it.

So I’m a sucker for 99 cent sales on Kindle and I might have a really bad habit of buying a book (that I do want to read) and then I take forever to get around to reading it. There’s just so many books I want to read and while I jump on a lot of new releases, older books sometimes take a backseat. I’ve cracked down on my buying and I’ve dedicated myself to reading what I already own but it’s an uphill battle. I think right now, I have about 70 ebooks and maybe 40 paperbacks that I’ve bought but haven’t read yet. Eek!

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I don’t really like angry sex in books.

While I enjoy enemies-to-lovers romances I’m not really a fan of anger fueled hate sex between the main characters. Maybe I’m just too big of a softie to really enjoy it but it is what it is. This doesn’t mean I won’t read a book that includes it and I try hard not to base a rating completely on it but it is there for me to think about.

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Sometimes I just skip the sex scenes completely.

You know that saying about too much of a good thing…well sometimes a book just has too much sex. Shocking, I know! This will usually correspond with a mood I’m in where I just crave more story and less making out but it does happen. There are also a few times where a book just doesn’t have great sex scenes. It’s weird, or mechanical, or just sounds so totally impossible to do that I just check out of the story in that moment.

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I am obsessed with Goodreads!

According to Goodreads I joined back 2013 and ever since I’m been a bit obsessed — to the point that I’m on the site multiple times a day. I’m always looking for new books to read, marking books as upcoming, or adding books to shelves as I read them. I already  have a crazy desire to organize things and Goodreads just enhances that by letting me make a million shelves to categorize my books by.

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I think Fifty Shades of Grey is one of the BEST and WORST things to happen to the romance genre.

So bear with me on this because I know this is a controversial subject. We’ll start with the best — it brought a lot of new readers into the genre and even revitalized people’s desire to read again. For that alone I can never totally hate the book. However, it was also the catalyst for a whole slew of books into the genre that just weren’t that great. Billionaires became the hot new thing to write about and tons of authors jumped at the chance to write a kinky character who turned out to be not so kinky after all. Not only that but I find the BDSM relationship in Fifty Shades to be very poorly done and I’m sorry, but Christian Grey is just creepy to me.

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I hate reading hardcovers and trade paperback.

So really I’m ebooks all the way and I’d read everything digital if I could but most of what I get from the library comes as a physical book. I don’t mind mass market paperback — they’re easy to hold, fit in my purse, and they aren’t so heavy I might break my wrist. Hardcover romance isn’t as common but I’ve noticed a serious uptick in romances being printed in trade paperback and I must say, I am not a fan. Please give me back my mass markets!

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I don’t want my favorite romances to become movies or TV shows.

Every time someone says “I wish this book was a movie!” I cringe inside. From my experience, movies or shows based on books are almost never as good as the book. And even when the outcome is actually pretty good (The Martian) there’s still always things that get left out or casting choices that I don’t like. So I’d rather just love my favorite romances without the baggage of disliking the movie or TV version.

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What confessions do you have?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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