REVIEW: Redeemed in Darkness by Alexis Morgan

Alexis Morgan-Redeemed in Darkness

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Redeemed in Darkness by Alexis Morgan
Series: Paladins of Darkness #4
November 27, 2007 by Pocket Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A fiercely beautiful female leader from the Other world, Lusahn q’Arc can’t forget the Paladin warrior she met in battle — his chiseled body and piercing, thoughtful eyes still haunt her dreams. While investigating the smuggling of the mysterious blue stones used to light her shadowy world, Lusahn receives word that her missing brother, Barak, is alive — and working with the Paladins. Although angry at his betrayal, she arranges to meet him. But at the appointed time it is not Barak who arrives, but Cullen Finley — the enemy warrior who torments her memory.

Intense attraction immediately burns between Lusahn and Cullen despite their rival loyalties, and they can’t help surrendering to passion. Their time together is limited, though, for soon Cullen must return to his own world — with or without Lusahn. But when carefully laid plans go awry, together they must fight to keep their forbidden romance a secret — and keep each other alive.

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My Review

Readers have spent the last three books getting brief looks into the mysterious Others but now we actually get to see their world and better understand the reasons they’re trying to cross into the human world. I really enjoyed Redeemed in Darkness for the complexity it adds to the series as well as for the characters. Cullen is known as The Professor to the other Paladins but he isn’t being logical when he steps over the downed barrier. Instead he’s taken over by his attraction to Lusahn but he quickly proves that his reckless actions might be the only way to get answers. I loved Cullen’s steady nature, his deeply held honor, and his surprising compassion for the enemy. He might have seen the Others as monsters before but the more he learns about them the more he sees the people they really are — a proud race called Kaliths who are struggling to survive while their sun dies out. Of course, it helps that he has the hots for Lusahn because he’s not always so accommodating of the male Kaliths he comes across.

For Lusahn’s part she’s baffled by Cullen and doesn’t quite know what to do with him. She remembers him from the fight months before but they’re sworn enemies and Lusahn, always a rule follower, knows her duty dictates she turn him over to the Guild Master. I was beyond excited to see a female warrior since Paladins are only men. Lusahn is a deadly beauty who can take care of herself and the two orphaned children she’s taken in. She’s very conflicted over hiding Cullen but she’s also desperate to stop the theft of light from her world. The chemistry between Cullen and Lusahn is on fire but I do feel like they accepted each other and moved past prejudices really fast. I do have to say I would have liked a bit more tension over falling in love with the enemy.

4 stars – it was enjoyable
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