REVIEW: Unwritten by Rachel Lacey

Rachel Lacey-Unwritten

4 Stars Rating


Book Details

Unwritten by Rachel Lacey
Series: Rock Star Duet #1
Published: May 1, 2018 by Rachel Lacey
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pop sensation and Hollywood star Katherine Hayes has worked hard to maintain her squeaky-clean image. But with nude photos going viral on the internet, the ensuing smear campaign threatens to ruin everything.

A chance meeting with a handsome college professor—who’s adorably clueless about her identity—is a rare break from the stress. But when shocked recognition dawns in his eyes, her survival mechanism kicks in. She can’t simply let him walk away to add grist to the rumor mill.

Josh Randall has already loved and lost his soulmate. Yet when he witnesses Kate in a vulnerable moment, he can’t deny the pull between them. Even though he believes down to his bones that true love doesn’t come twice in a lifetime.

A no-strings fling sounds like the perfect solution. But Kate never expected Josh to see the woman hiding behind the celebrity—or that the paparazzi would catch on to their sizzling passion so quickly. Making it hard to keep their tangled emotions from tearing their hearts apart when it’s time to say goodbye.

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My Review

I enjoyed reading Unwritten and it was nice to have a female “rock star” romance as it’s usually the hero who is the celebrity. Rachel Lacey is a wonderful writer and I connected very strongly with Kate’s character and the immense amount of development that Lacey puts into this heroine. However, the book felt very long and there were a few points where I thought the story was moving towards a conclusion and it just kept going so that was a little draining. That being said, the pace was really nice and I  never felt bored by the story, partly because there was so much going on. Our mystery campaign to ruin Kate’s image as America’s Sweetheart was definitely brutal for Kate, a woman who is very private about her past.

The author could have taken out half of the bad things that happen to Kate and there still would have been plenty to make up the story. The sheer amount of troubles was a bit overwhelming for the reader but it certainly set the tone for how hard Kate’s life was becoming. Kate handles everything with a surprising amount of grace and resilience and it’s clear that she’s a woman used to taking care of herself and depending on no one. So when Kate begins to have feelings for Josh it really throws her and these two embark on a long journey of casual dating to friendship to a more serious relationship.

“She needed him, craved him with an intensity that was almost overwhelming.”

Though the book was long it also allows for a lot of growth and development in Kate and Josh’s relationship and that did help enhance the believability of their love. But things don’t start out so great mostly due to Josh’s feelings about Kate’s fame and his own lingering grief over the death of his fiancée 2 years before. I admit I spent the first half of the book side-eyeing Josh and not totally on board with him but he makes up for it in the second half of the book. I understand Josh’s grief and his recovery process but when he says point blank to Kate that he’ll never love anyone else and marrying again would mean settling for second best I wanted to smack him. Josh’s reluctance to accept his feelings and express his emotions keeps a wall between them for a long time. Of course Kate is also trying to protect herself so she has some blame in the relationship and it takes some time for these two to work everything out.

This was a deep and emotional read about overcoming past pain and finding true happiness. I look forward to reading the next one in the duet which features Kate’s assistant and friend Jenn.

**Reader Safety: Grieving widow (heavily referenced); Heroine was sexually abused as a teenager (referenced, off page)

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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Rachel Lacey-Unwritten

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