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Katie Reus-Lethal Game

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Lethal Game by Katie Reus
Red Stone Security #15
Suspense Romance

Isa Harper thought she had it all but everything was destroyed when she realized the man she loved was actually a CIA agent investigating her father for selling government secrets. Fleeing to Miami allowed Isa to start over at Red Stone Security so she’s pissed when Graysen West shows up as her new partner. Graysen never expected to fall in love with Isa but he did and though he was undercover, his love for her was real. He wants a second chance with Isa and getting a job with Red Stone is the only way to spend time with her.

“I’m sorry. I know it’s hollow and useless, but I am. I wish I could go back. I want…a second chance, Isa.”

Letal Game was filled with Katie Reus’s usual action but was a touch lighter on the romance. Part of this comes from Isa, who isn’t ready to forgive Graysen for lying to her. I actually admire Isa for not giving in quickly so I didn’t mind that their relationship was a lot of Isa coming to terms with her feelings and Greysen on his knees and baring his soul. I would, however, have liked a bit more development in their relationship now instead of depending mostly on old feelings. Because the majority of the book involves Isa and Graysen undercover and then trapped in an office building, I never felt like they had a chance to rediscover who they each were. And I have to be honest and say I got a bit bored around the 60% mark when it felt like the story just wasn’t progressing.

In addition to Isa and Graysen, there’s also a love story between Emerson, another Red Stone employee, and her love interest, Detective Carlito Durante. Now, Carlito has been around since the beginning of the series and I’ve been dying for his story so I felt a bit cheated that he didn’t get a full book. That being said, he and Emerson were really cute because they both had feelings but were each stuck in the friend zone, too afraid to say anything.

The Red Stone Security series has been a wonderful adventure and as my first introduction to Katie Reus, it’s made me a lifelong fan. With this series finale, I was hoping for a bit more and but I just didn’t find it. I wouldn’t say this is one of Reus’s strongest books, but she ends the series nicely with a beautiful epilogue just for the fans.

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Book Details

He broke her heart.

Graysen’s betrayal nearly destroyed Isa a year ago. Now that she’s working for Red Stone Security, she’s managed to piece her life back together after a rough year and a broken heart. Then he appears back in her life and makes it clear he’s not going anywhere until she gives them a second chance. A chance she refuses to take.

Now he’s back to claim what’s his.

Graysen’s never gotten over Isa and he knows he never will. It’s his fault she walked away, but he can’t seem to let her go. He quit his job with the CIA and called in every favor he had to get hired by Red Stone Security just to be near her again. But Isa doesn’t care that he’s desperate to make things right between them—she wants nothing to do with him. He doesn’t blame her, but he’s not willing to give her up. When they’re cornered by lethal terrorists, everything changes. Graysen and Isa will have to find a way to work together if they want to survive. Only then will he be able to convince her to claim the chance at happiness the past stole from them.

Published by KR Press, LLC on January 10, 2017

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