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Anna Hackett-Unidentified


Book Details

Unidentified by Anna Hackett
Treasure Hunter Security #7
Published: June 10, 2018 by Anna Hackett
Genre: Suspense Romance

The Emerald Tear: ambitious archaeologist Oliver Ward leads a dig in the wild jungles of Ecuador and collides with feisty, independent treasure hunter Persephone.

Oliver Ward loves getting his boots dirty on fascinating digs, and investigating strange ruins in Ecuador is no exception. When bandits threaten his team, a small, tough treasure hunter bursts into his world to save the day. He finds himself captivated by the bright, vibrant woman and sucked into a wild and dangerous treasure hunt for a lost Incan emerald.

Daughter of a con artist, Persephone Blake trusts no one and has a plan—find and sell artifacts until she can retire on a white-sand beach. But her plans are derailed when a handsome, smart, and stubborn archaeologist pushes his way onto her hunt. She finds herself irresistibly tempted by Oliver, and as they trek deeper into the jungle, danger follows. And Persephone isn’t sure what is in more danger—her body or her heart.

The Emerald Butterfly: former Navy SEAL Diego Torres finds himself helping the one woman who drives him crazy—the DEA agent who boarded his ship and handcuffed him.

Injured and tortured on a mission, Diego Torres was ready to leave the SEALs and loves being captain of his salvage ship, the Storm Nymph. As he begins his vacation, he planned for solitude, late mornings, and drinking beers while watching the Florida sunsets, what he didn’t plan for was the gorgeous DEA agent who boarded his ship several months before. And he really didn’t plan for an underwater expedition in search of a shipwreck and a priceless Incan emerald.

Sloan McBride’s grandfather dreamed of finding the Emerald Butterfly his entire life. Now he’s dying and she vows to find it for him…even if she has to work with the hard-bodied ex-SEAL she got off to a very wrong start with. But as Sloan and Diego work side by side, dogged by dangerous black-market thieves Silk Road, they uncover a scorching hot passion. They will do anything to protect each other, including calling in their friends from Treasure Hunter Security, and they’ll risk everything to beat Silk Road to the emerald.

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My Review

The Emerald Tear

5 Stars Rating

It’s the 1970’s and archaeologist Oliver Ward is in Ecuador digging up what he believes to be a small village, so he’s shocked when armed men raid the dig. Then things get really unexpected when the famous — or maybe infamous — treasure hunter Persephone Blake shows up. She’s after the legendary Emerald Tear and even though she thinks Oliver is just a pampered professor, she agrees to team up with him. To say these two set off fireworks with each other is an understatement and their chemistry is a big factor in my rating. From the first moment they meet, Oliver and Percy have this delicious tension that kept me turning pages. And that waterfall scene? Oh my!

Of course the action was spectacular as always; Anna Hackett knows her adventure and I felt like I was reading something out of an Indiana Jones movie but a whole lot steamier! It was great to go back in time and see how the predecessors to the Treasure Hunter Security business met and to see an early reference of the evil Silk Road organization. Percy and Oliver have a whirlwind jungle romance and though Percy, who is slow to trust, puts up some resistance she can’t stay away from Oliver.

5 stars – loved it!

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The Emerald Butterfly

4 Stars Rating

Though the Inca’s Emerald Tear was found by Oliver and Percy the companion Emerald Butterfly was lost long ago after being stolen by the Spaniards. DEA agent Sloan McBride is determined to find the Butterfly before her beloved grandfather dies of cancer and to accomplish that she needs the help of Diego Torres. But the last time Sloan and Diego met, she boarded his boat and handcuffed him so she figures he’s not going to want to help her. Just like the previous story, we have two characters who butt heads and thrive on  tension and attraction. Though I really enjoyed these two together I wanted some more time for them to get to know each other. With all the action and running for their lives, I felt like Diego and Sloan needed just a bit more to fully realize their feelings.

As an added bonus we got a quick peek at Treasure Hunter Security’s computer expert, Darcy Ward and Agent Arrogant and Annoying. I’ve been dying for their story so I loved this quick look and now I can’t wait for the next and final installment for THS!

4 stars – it was enjoyable

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Treasure Hunter Security series

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