Where do my books come from? Mid-Year Update

Where Do My Books Come From

At the beginning of the year I decided that for 2018 I would track and analyze where my books came from (original post found here). I’m doing this because I love data and statistics and I was curious about my own book spending and library usage. When I started out I felt that my reading was fairly even between books I bought on my own and books I borrowed from the library, but I’m beginning to find that I was way off base on that assumption.

So what results have I found so far?

I’m glad you asked! Let’s take a look at some charts because I love charts.

New Books or Rereads?

New Books vs Rereads is about what I expected with 75% new books and 25% reread books. I love to reread old favorites but I also want to stay on top of new releases and I’m always working on backlist titles. I do have a few series I plan to reread this year so the numbers might increase a bit but I predicate these numbers will stay about the same.

Where Did My Books Come From?

Next, I looked at whether my books came from ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies), my public library, or from my own purchases/owned books. Originally I assumed the library and owned titles would be closer in percentage so I was quite surprised to see that the library only makes up 17% of what I read, with purchases making up over half at 60% and ARCs at just 22%. This was my biggest surprise but I think this is an overall change in my reading habits. Through high school, college, and my early twenties I rarely bought books because I didn’t have the money and the library was a great free resource. But things started to shift when I moved to reading digital books and then I moved to another state and the library’s romance collection wasn’t quite as robust at my old library. I fell in love with authors that self-publish digital books only and found myself auto-buying more and more authors. So this was an interesting surprise for me.

Physical or Digital Books?

I was not surprised by these results at all because I’m a huge ebook junkie and it’s my preferred format for books. So with 86% of books being digital and 13% being physical I spend a lot of time on my Kindle. In fact I was reading so much on my Kindle Fire that was getting headaches from the bright screen. This got so bad that I ended up researching and purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite and thankfully the reading headaches are gone and I’m back to reading for hours on end on my Kindle.


So those are my results so far! I’ll be posting again in December to see what my total 2018 results are and to see if there are any changes in the second half of the year compared to the first half.

Do you know where your books come from? Do you have a preferred format for reading? Feel free to share below in the comments.

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