ARC REVIEW: Second Star to the Right by Wendy Gold

Wendy Gold-Second Star to the Right

3 Stars Rating


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Second Star to the Right by Wendy Gold
Fantasy Romance

Director Vivien Kelly is tired of living in her A-list father’s shadow so she hopes her debut movie, a steampunk version of Peter Pan, will be a success. But things get complicated when her sexy one night stand turns out to be the new fight coordinator for the movie. Dating hasn’t been a top priority since Vivien’s dreadful breakup but there’s something about Peter that captivates Vivien and she can’t stay away. But Peter has secrets – big ones – and when he reveals he’s the real Peter Pan, all grown up, Vivien doesn’t know what to think.

I loved the idea behind this book and found it to be an interesting take on a classic kids story. Peter becomes trapped in the “regular world” when he runs out of Pixie Dust and he’s forced to grow up now that he can’t get back to Neverland. He ends up adopted and starts his own business teaching sword fighting for movies, and not surprisingly he’s excellent when it comes to working with kids on the set. If you ever wondered what a grown-up Peter Pan would be like, well in this book, he’s really sweet and very dirty in bed (though he winks and smirks way too much). Considering this huge secret I was a bit surprised when Peter tells Vivien who he really is so early in their relationship. Some of this surprise probably stems from the fact that the story is told only from Vivien’s point of view so the reader has no idea what feelings Peter might be developing. Of course, Vivien immediately assumes that Peter is crazy and this led to some entertaining interactions if a bit overly simplifying mental illness, but probably very realistic to a person’s reaction.

Some of my favorite scenes are actually the ones with Vivien’s best friend, Damien and Damien’s boyfriend. They were too cute together, but more importantly, they seem like really great friends who only have Vivien’s best interests in mind. I liked both Peter and Vivien but struggled with some of the personality inconsistencies that they and other characters suffered from. Both Peter and Vivien come across as super young, like 20/21 but they’re supposed to be older; however, some of their actions, especially Peter’s are immature for someone of their age. Vivien’s mother is also in two scenes and each scene she varies widely in personality. A bit more consistency in characters would have made them more enjoyable.

ARC provided by the author for honest review

3 stars – it was good
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Book Details

Peter Michaels, Hollywood stuntman and sword fight choreographer, is harboring a secret—he’s the real Peter Pan, the boy who in fact grew up. Far from Neverland and forced to hide his secret, he distances himself from others for fear of being rejected for who he truly is. That is, until he meets Vivien Kelly.

Vivien Kelly, A-list Hollywood royalty, is determined to branch out into directing, but her steampunk version of Peter Pan is doomed. If bratty kids and demanding studio executives weren’t bad enough, and Peter’s generous nature and easygoing attitude is distracting her from her work.

Soon Peter starts to melt her heart and Viv fantasizes about a fairy tale ending of her own. But will Peter’s secret tear them apart? Will he leave her for a world of fairies and pixie dust when Peter knows that saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting each other forever?

Published by Wendy Gold Author LLC on May 22, 2018

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